Burnt Pancakes

I admire a perfectionist. My husband is a perfectionist. When he does something he takes his time. If he does something wrong he does it over. I am the opposite of a perfectionist. I do things fast and am at peace with mediocre results. My theory is; I have SOOOOO many things I want to do and in order to get them all done I can only put in a little time and energy into each task. That is why I’m glad to have my husband for the really important things.


My husband finishing our basement. This would not be a good thing for me to be involved in!

A couple of weeks ago I announced I was making pancakes for supper. The kids cheered and jumped….(You can get this reaction from my kids over anything that isn’t a casserole!) The problem with this scenario is that my mind drifts and coupled with the fact that you also have to cook eggs and sausage simultaneously with the pancakes reeks of disaster. I had just got through half a dozen pancakes (all burnt because I forgot about them) when my brother stopped in to say hello. He laughed and said, “Making pancakes?” At this point I’m juggling scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, chatting with my brother and thinking about 20 different projects I want to do in the near future. He kept reminding me to flip the pancakes but they all still got burnt. Well, I wasn’t about to scrap them and start over. So I proudly layered all 20 pancakes on my platter and in my most excited voice called everyone to the table. I didn’t mention the black circles sitting before us. I only exclaimed, “I hope you’re all hungry!!” Between the excitement I had built up before the meal, the presenting of the food and the fact that I don’t make pancakes often; the kids dug in with a flourish. Not only did we eat all those pancakes in one sitting but Iris and Bency both dubbed me the best pancake maker in the WORLD! I will continue to make burnt pancakes…. possibly by choice… possibly not!


This was a different meal I was preparing them for but you get the idea…Surprises and hyping things up are wonderful for my kids!!


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