Motherhood is an Art Form

I would like to start off by saying this is NOT an advice column about raising children. This is merely an insight into how funny these little creatures are no matter how terrible or angelic. My three children all range on a behavior scale somewhere between normal to subnormal depending on the day, hour and phases of the moon. My husband and I’s philosophy on parenting is raising our children to be able to handle themselves in a dark alley with a shady character but to also be welcomed in the graces of Queen Elizabeth. I would say we are far from reaching our goal but they are pretty decent to the check out lady at the grocery store and none of them are afraid of bugs or toads.


Mother’s Day 2010! There is one nice photo of the three of us all looking at the camera smiling but this is really us!!

I have always considered myself the creative type. I enjoy art and writing. Before children I did these things occasionally when I had free time. It was relaxing and fun. In the seven years I have been a mother I have HAD to be creative almost every single day. I’m not talking about macaroni projects or finger painting. I am talking about beads of sweat, eye popping, mind numbing, think fast creative…..

What can I use for a diaper since I forgot the diaper bag and this kid clearly did not sit on a Hershey bar.

An answer to my 7 year old’s question of why didn’t the tooth fairy respond to the note I wrote her (she didn’t lose a tooth….she views the tooth fairy as her pen pal.)

Figuring out who knocked down all the bathroom shelves when asking, “Who did this?” is getting me nowhere.

Determining an original and mouth-watering name for the casserole of the day.


This is most recent family picture. We are at an ice cream social at school and a lady was kind enough to offer to take our picture together when she saw me taking pictures of my husband and kids. Right as she snapped the picture Bency dropped his bowl of ice cream!!!

This kind of creativity is sometimes exhausting but I’m becoming more brilliant by the day. As for my fun and relaxing time; that is now reserved for sitting back and watching the kids argue about who was given the juiciest, sweetest strawberries for lunch and knowing it’s about to turn into another memory I’ll be able to write down.

P.S. When the tooth fairy finally got back to responding to my daughter she apologized for she had been in another country helping deliver toothpaste and floss to poor children!


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    • Lol!! This has actually happened to me on more than one occasion! I have wadded up paper toweling from a public bathroom before and stuck in their clothes, I’ve used dish cloths before TIED ON at the corners and once I put a pair of my daughters underwear on my son with a maxi pad stuck in! I guess I like to keep things interesting…I wish I would have known about the whole potty training at such a early age like you!

  1. Just found you through your ‘Thought Provoking Award’! Congratulations! I think every mom should receive an award at the end of each day! Maybe someone could design a mother reward for the EXEMPLARY, EXTRAORDINARY, and EVERYDAY MOM who mans her post 24/7!

    Before disposable diapers, I mean the days of only cloth diapers, the triangle-folded ones, I once used a shirt as a diaper. Fortunately I had an extra shirt (no extra diaper), or you can pull off the child’s shirt when in a fix. If you’re in the market, ask for a medium paper sack, tear holes in it and fashion a temporary shirt! Just kidding, but the t-shirt worked just fine. I know, you’ve probably never seen diaper safety pins!

    • Thanks for looking me up!! I have actually seen diaper safety pins! I tried made hand at cloth diapering with my first daughter! Thanks for taking the time to read I’ll check out your blog too and thanks for the congratulations!!

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