Angry Bird-oholics

Bency lost Angry Bird privileges a couple of month ago and I have no plans to reinstate it. He has begged, bartered and pretty much offered his soul in exchange to be able to play again. Recently, he said he heard a rumor that if you conquer all the levels it becomes a learning game. He really thinks I should reconsider my decision because he sure loves to learn and he would hate it if he was missing out on a great learning opportunity just because I won’t let him play Angry Birds.

Unfortunately for Bency, I did NOT reconsider. During the 3 weeks he was allowed to play it, he became obsessed. Even though I limited his time on it; it was all he thought about. He had no interest in eating, sleeping or his favorite activity of drawing. Things are back to normal now in those areas but he still does think about it quite a bit!

Last night I went outside to where the kids were playing and came upon a new game they created…..Angry Birds! One child sat on the ground a few yards from the swing set and dubbed themselves one of the pig characters from the game (Helmet Pig is one.) The other child would dub themselves one of the birds (Big Red Bird) and then swing really high, launch themselves off, do a rolling tumble and knock the child on the ground down.

Perhaps it sounds a bit dangerous…. but what’s a few bruises in exchange for fresh air, exercise and using your imagination?


Playing “Angry Birds”


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  1. he really said it would become a learning game….you should of made him beat it then told him if it doesn’t turn into a learning game he’s grounded for a year…i can’t believe the things iris and bency come up with.

  2. He really said it!! I wouldn’t have been able to handle letting him play all the way through. He was always getting frustrated and asking me to help him get past hard levels and get golden eggs! It’s for the best!

  3. Good for you for being consistant and sticking to your decision! Angry birds can get so addictive… So can many computer games…. I was addicted to Tetris once as a teenager, and it was TERRIBLE for me. But the outdoors version of angry birds sounds great!

    • I was addicted to TETRIS too!!!! When I was 14, my parents left for the day and I sat down and played tetris for 8 hours straight and ate a 1 pound bag of m&m’s….nothing else. I never would have been able to do this if my parents were home. I thought I was really pulling a fast one! I got so sick that I have never been able to eat more than a handful of m&m’s since!

      • oh man!! that sounds horrible! But a good lesson!
        My tetris addiction was when I was about 16 or 17, and my parents really couldn’t control me anymore. I would play it every day for hours instead of doing my homework. I’m not sure if they even knew, since I hid away in my room and pretended to be doing work. Of course then I’d stay up all night doing my homework, and be exhausted at school. I think it went on for several months. I would think about tetris at school, imagining the pieces in everything I saw. And when I’d get home I’d automatically turn on the computer, and then say to myself, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!!?” and turn it back off. But I would keep turning it back on without even thinking about it. I could play tetris for hours without even thinking about what I was doing – my fingers could literally do all the work automatically. I knew it was wrong and I actually wanted to stop. it had some very serious similarities to an alcohol addition. (Fortunately I have stayed away from drugs and alcohol so I never got addicted to any of that stuff) I had to call it quits because my grades were suffering and I had completely stopped seeing my friends. I was actually pretty difficult to quit, although I’m sure alcohol is much more difficult.

        Looking back on the whole thing I think I was using it as a way to relax and escape from the pressures of high school and family. I was one of those high achieving students who took lots of tough classes, and it really was very intense. Tetris was relaxing because I didn’t have to think about anything.

      • Oh man!! That is serious stuff!!! I actually didn’t own Tetris…we just rented it from the movie store from time to time. I have a feeling I would have went down the same road as you if we had owned it and would have been looking for a 12 step program!!!

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