Thursday Was No One’s Birthday

Thursday was no one’s birthday. It was a fun day though! In the morning we went to story hour at the library where they put on a puppet show and then introduced the kids to HUGE life size characters of Elephant and Piggie (popular characters from Mo Willem’s children’s books). Picture Cesar, the almost 2 year old with his arms wrapped around Piggie’s leg in a tight embrace for 10 minutes. In the huge sea of children I was unable to get up to him to tear him off, so unfortunately for the mom’s taking pictures of their kids giving hugs to Piggie, they also have Cesar in the picture as well. Sorry!

Back at home I gave the kids their lunch and then came out with a surprise….

On Wednesday, Bency had baked cupcakes for his soccer team and there had been a little batter left so I had just poured it into a little pan and made a “baby cake.”

I brought out the “baby cake” bedecked with the leftover frosting and candles!

I asked who we should sing to and the older kids carefully thought and came up with the idea to sing to Cesar as his 2nd birthday isn’t too far off and he really needs the practice.

We had our mini party over and over giving everyone a chance to blow out the candles a few times! It was a good celebration….(over nothing, other than just having a fun day!)

Iris and Bency singing Happy Birthday
Cesar saying “Cha-Cha-Cha”



This “off- the- wall tradition” has been practiced in our family for years. It started with my nephew Isaiah. He went crazy for blowing out candles. No matter who’s birthday it was… he always got a turn. My daughter soon followed suit when she saw how cool it was. Straight from the pages of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland we began to do these impromptu “unbirthday” parties on a somewhat regular basis.

I like these parties! You don’t have to plan for weeks. There’s no presents. No Pinata. Just cake, candles, singing and celebrating whatever is worth celebrating at the moment!

You may be asking if this takes away from the child’s actual birthday. The answer is NO! Iris, my 7 year old is a seasoned “unbirthday” attendee and not once at her “actual” birthday has she yet to yawn and say, “Oh, another birthday cake? (in a listless tone)

Can you really ever get tired of celebrating, being honored or serenaded to? I don’t think so!

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