The First Lollipop

I painted this today. It is from a photograph I took in March when Cesar was 18 months old having his first lollipop. This is a true turning point and milestone in every kid’s life. One that is easily overlooked. Nothing will ever be the same again. The beloved banana and applesauce will pale in comparison once you get your first piece of candy. The laying down, flailing tantrums may start if denied from here on out. The parent takes such delight in seeing the look of surprise and satisfaction on their kid’s face at the first taste and the rest of their kid’s lives trying to hide it and take it away!


The First Lollipop

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  1. i remember when i moved back to green bay, iris had her first candy at cutback storehouse on military. It was a pink stick and a sucker. I remember before that she was a fanatic for raisins and veggies. I remember Alex was the one who gave it to her. The waitress gave her a little goody bag. I know bench and iris have to be crafty on finding sweets in the house, they have fb. How do u hide it. Block the response from iris she will read it..

    • Haha!! I think it was actually Ponderosa! I remember that! Iris didn’t get candy for a long time and then it was few and far between! We don’t buy candy but the kids get it left and right everywhere we go…we still have some from the Memorial Day parade up in the cupboard. The kids know it’s there but they don’t ask for it too much!

      • Yea it was ponderosa, i get those confused. Thats weird i remembered that, was that her first time getting candy.

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