7 Innings of Boring

My good friend Jeff put this on his Facebook status last month. I absolutely loved it and it came at such a perfect time for me! Read and be enlightened:

Let the good Reverend holla at you all for a moment. Facebook is the greatest show on earth, but make no mistake about it. It’s a show. It’s 3 card monte. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s the ultimate dog and pony show. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some facebook, but let’s keep it real. Facebook is a photo of Sunday’s lobster dinner and not Monday-Saturday’s hamburger helper and tacos. Some facebook members stress over people’s pages. Don’t. Behind some of those smiling portraits are lives of quiet desperation. Be careful what you wish for and be happy with what you have. I love facebook. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the highlights, but for every highlight is 7 innings of boring. Celebrate the good times. Enjoy the show.

When he posted this I was currently feeling jealous of everyone’s beautiful vacation pictures, nights out, amazing dinners and happy smiles abound! I felt I possibly lived the most boring life ever (okay, I kind of do)! Anyway, he changed my thinking because he is totally right…nothing is always as it appears! I have a GOOD life and as boring as it is….it is filled with a LOT of blessings! I am very lucky and can always use a good reminder…thanks so much Jeff!


This looks like the perfect image of a completely cute, innocent toddler (our little Cesar) taking a stroll through his Grandma’s garden….right?!


In all actuality, 30 minutes before this, Cesar had stolen a Hershey bar one of the older kids had laid on a chair. He sneaked it into the backyard and managed to open it by himself and devour it. He came back looking like this. No one wanted to touch him or pick him up because he was covered in sticky, gooey chocolate…so he took a stroll over to Grandma’s garden! (Would you have guessed looking at the first photo he was suffering from a serious stealing problem?)


Sometimes these kids are the best of friends!


Plenty of times they’re NOT!

Important lesson for today…things aren’t always as they appear. We all have our ups and downs! That’s what makes this life interesting!

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  1. I am laughing so hard right now, tears and everything laughter!!!! “The serious stealing problem” line is what really got me! HYSTERICAL!! And more importantly the message is absolutely great. I woke up today feeling like my life was really having a mid life boredom problem; I actually went back to bed for an hour… But after reading this, and looking around at my tribe of furry, (and shedding) angels, looking up at me with so much love, and thinking about the husband and son that I’m about to go throw together some homemade fried rice for today for their lunch, I realize, I am being ridiculous…I wouldn’t trade this boring life for the “glamour of anyone else’s. And rightfully so, my life, too, is filled with so many blessings, more than I really could ever deserve…

  2. Thank you for this! You are so right, and it’s so easy to forget. Sometimes I look back through all my photos and think “this is MY life?!?” the day-to-day seems so uneventful, but when you look at your own highlights you might be surprised.

    What a cute photo of them fighting, BTW! I love it.

    • Thank you! When I found that photo last night I was trying to remember what the fight was about and couldn’t. They were 5 and 3 years old. I must of found it insanely funny though to actually take a picture first before breaking up the fight…seriously…in the bathroom??? I am soooo busting this out when they are older!!

  3. You are truly blessed. A wonderful family, a way with words and insight that more should consider developing. Thanks for a great read.

  4. Great post! got me laughing. made me realize that we get caught up “in the moment’ of things, but when we go back and look at those moments they are actually pretty funny! cute kids and loved the pictures! HA!

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