The Hopeless Photo-Taking Family

Here are just a few quick pictures for you this Sunday before we begin spending our last day with my mother-in-law before she heads back to Albuquerque, NM.

I mentioned in my very first post Motherhood is an Art Form that we are NOT a photogenic family. Either something happens right as the camera is clicked or we just can’t get ourselves together to look decent.

Our last family photo was no exception. Last weekend we attended a Green Bay Packer football game and here are our results!

Here we are at my parent’s house, dropping off our littlest one before we headed out to the Packer game. Bency, our 5 year old insisted on wearing his Spider Man mask to the game!

Here we are at the Green Bay Packer game! This is the only photo we got with all of us in it! Notice Iris, our 7 year old decided to fix her hair just as the photo was being taken…and of course, Bency still has that Spider Man mask on!!!


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