Daddy’s Little Girl

My husband is my 7 year old daughter Iris’s biggest cheerleader. When I say she can have one piece of candy after supper…he sneaks her two and whispers not to tell me (I can HEAR you)! He is a parenting books nightmare. Sometimes he is my nightmare when it comes to this “softie” approach. I don’t say anything though…just give him my infamous “eye roll.” I secretly love how he adores our daughter and does everything from his heart. When Iris recently got her ears pierced he asked her several times a day if he could see them. She would proudly pull back her hair and he would whistle and say how beautiful they were. One night when I was tucking her into bed she said she thought Daddy loved her earrings the most out of anyone and that she loved showing him her earrings. It made me happy to know that this simple little gesture could bring a little girl so much joy. I guess everyone needs that “softie” in their life. Someone who will always cheer them on, sneak them one more piece of candy and tell them over and over how beautiful  and special they are.

Alex and Iris on their way to the Father/Daughter dance this spring

Painting I did of Alex and Iris today


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  1. My dad is a softie, too… And I’m over forty already…. Good, tender and loving fathers raise happy children. They also provide models for the kind of boys their girls should choose. Hopefully, they enable the next generation to have better and more nurturing relationships.

  2. My husband was a great daddy, but not so good on throwing compliments around. I attribute it to not growing up around sisters. He always says to any of us, “you look very nice.”

    My father, on the other hand, was overboard on compliments. He gushed and loved his girls. He’d always told us how “beautiful” we were. After awhile, that didn’t mean much because it was a standard compliment.

    It sounds like your husband has it just right! How sweet. I love him asking her to show her her pierced ears. Give that man an A+

  3. I love the pic of her in her Princess dress holding her Daddy’s hand. I have an awesome Dad too–one, who to this very day, comes to my house and hides my stuffed animals in different rooms when I’m not looking. For days after, I find them where I least expect them to be. Ya, I know. We are a very strange family.

  4. I was my Daddy’s little girl. Lost him 7 years ago. I miss him so much because we had a relationship like Iris and her Daddy. Give him a hug for me and tell him to always make her feel important.
    You are a good Mom for looking the other way 🙂

      • I try to read all I follow and all who take the time to check out my photos.

        I am 56 and Dad was 72 when he passed away from lung cancer I swear I cried for 3 years just at the word Daddy

        Him and I used to race cars, Drive big old semi’s and Make Mommy MAD! lol I was such a naughty little girl for Mommy lol so your story was beautiful for me to read I got my ears pierced at 11 and Dad bought me beautiful Gold Butterfly earrings Mom took a fir and I remember hearing him say to her get some courage and I will get you Diamond ones she did 10 years after me 🙂

      • What an absolutely wonderful memory!! I am so glad you told me…I hope my daughter is as appreciative of all her dad does for her as you are of your dad! I’m sorry you lost such an amazing person. He sounds wonderful!!!

      • I hope she will always adore him as she does now.

        Thank you. He was as wonderful as he was amazing to be sure .

        He worked hard and was gone more than he should have been for my brothers but he worked 3 jobs so Mom could stay home and raise us lol I wish she worked the three jobs and he had stayed home with us he was less stressed by children then my Mom who was 20 when she had me then 11 years later her last with 7 in between I love my Mother but so many things could have been better without her raising us four. I had a little boy when I was almost 21 and place him for adoption because I wanted him to have a chance to have a Dad like mine. We just found each other 4 years ago Life is Good 🙂

      • Thanks I have only been doing it since end of May I think lol I try to do one a day 🙂

        I hope to write and share more of who I really am thanks for being able to tell

  5. I’m totally the same kind of dad. For some reason, my son will bite and hit his mother, but then come to me for hugs and snuggles. I think it’s because he knows I will take away the iPad if he treats me like this.

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