A Cardboard Box and Scrap of Fabric Will Do Just Fine

A powerful message lay before me the other morning when I saw my 7 year old daughter, Iris, sleeping in her bed with this right next to her:

Kitty in her bed

It may look like a stuffed kitten wrapped in a blanket in a little bed but it said much more to me than that.

The kitten she’s had for some time but the blanket and bed are new.

The blanket was made by Iris about a month ago. My mom and I were canning beets at my mom’s house. Grandma let the kids dye cloth in the beet juice as a fun activity and learning experience.

The blanket Iris made by dyeing a white scrap of fabric in beet juice

The bed is a box that contained 60 new pencils I purchased recently for school supplies. I was going to throw the box away when Iris asked if she could keep it. I scrunched up my eyes and shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sure.” I had no idea why she would want this.

The pencil box Iris used for Kitty’s bed

I do now.

Iris has plenty of doll blankets. Iris has doll beds for her Barbie dolls that are being occupied but none the less I’m sure they would have shared.

Iris made these two things by herself.

That makes these so much more special than anything I could have bought for her.

Kids don’t need expensive toys.

A cardboard box and scrap of fabric will do just fine.

20 responses

  1. Beautiful story, good little girl she cared enough to make a bed for her stuff animal. You are a Good Mommy, some of us were so lucky to have one 🙂

  2. I love this post! But me and the way my mind works immediately thought “could she be angling for a real cat?” lol. I wanted a dog when I was a kid, so I took up answering the door on all fours barking. Subtler hints weren’t working, so I brought out the big guns. Embarrass them into getting me one.

  3. Great post – this is so true! I love it when kids (or adults) get creative with what’s already lying around the house! I’ll be sharing the cardboard box kitchen I made for my kids on my blog soon. It’s been a big hit!!

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