And the Nominees Are…..

This morning I woke up to find that one of my fellow bloggers Ambling & Rambling nominated me for an award. This girl is hilarious! I always appreciate sarcasm and someone who tells things like they are and she delivers on both accounts.

I feel bad though. This is actually the 4th or 5th nomination for an “award” I have received. The first one I received came about a week or two after I started my blog. I had never seen these before and I instantly thought there was some high association out there reviewing blogs and giving out golden trophies to the ultimate winners. I began mentally preparing an acceptance speech. I’m kidding… I didn’t get that far, I was only somewhat disillusioned for about 2 minutes!

None the less, I was very flattered that someone out there was reading my silly little blog and finding it worthy enough to be mentionable in any sort of capacity.

I however, did not follow the rules (I may have mentioned before that I’ve never been good with rules). You are supposed to affix the picture of the award to your blog, write some things about yourself and nominate other blogs that you love.

I did not affix any pictures of the award because I can’t figure it out! I am technologically challenged. It’s quite a feat that I have been able to start a blog at all and I did not nominate anyone else because I can’t always get links to work. I’ve added a handful of links into my blog and I think only one really worked.  I’m crossing my fingers and sprinkling some magic dust in hopes I can “link” today!

Some Things About Me:

  • I waste a lot of time pondering things. Who got to decide that the proper way to refer to yourself and another person is “Alex and I” I much prefer saying “Me and Alex.” How is this a rule? What difference does it make? Will the world collapse? Will no one know what I am talking about? I do however try to say it correctly so I don’t sound like a complete idiot and so I don’t have people correcting me all the time saying, “It’s Alex and I.”
  • I’m hypocritical. As much as I don’t care about perfect grammar. I’m a stickler for correct spelling. I realize not everyone is a perfect speller. No problem. If you don’t know how to spell something, look it up. Don’t make up a spelling to be funny or cute. I don’t think it’s that hard to add an “h” or an apostrophe to “wats up?” Some of these are actually hard for me to decipher.
  • I have read thousands of children’s books. I love them.  Through my hours of reading this genre I have found authors love the word “gasped.” I cannot say this word. My children make fun of me as I stumble over this word every time. I have a plea for children’s book authors to quit using this word. Can the character just breathe deeply?
  • I used to be really irritated with alphabet children’s books. Every book used either xylophone or x-ray for the letter “x.” I was so happy when an innovative author used xigua until my kids asked me what it was and I had no idea! I’m totally cool with xylophone and x-ray now.
  • I love children and senior citizens. I think if we really take the time to listen and observe these two demographics we can learn so much.
  • Writing a blog is really hard (at least for me) and I know a lot of people devote a lot of time and energy into delivering a quality post.

For that reason I would like to recognize the following bloggers who I think are amazing and deserve a “golden trophy”

Corporate Housekeeping

Mom in the Muddle


The Embiggens Project

She’s a Maineiac

That Funny Blog

Grapes, Gripes & Gratitude

Ambling & Rambling

Living and Lovin

This is just a few that I love and follow! I think anyone who writes a blog deserves a hug, high-five and huge piece of chocolate cake.

Thank you to everyone who reads my stuff. It is so appreciated!!!


28 responses

  1. Wow that is insightful lol there goes my Lovin right out the window 🙂 I am a Hippie and it is how I roll 🙂

    I too hate when the same words are used over and over I am probably also guilty of that.

    I never say the word you stumble over 🙂 guess that is why they write and I just mess around and take photos and drive big ole trucks 🙂

    Thanks for my Golden Trophy


      • Thanks, lol I do not even know what makes what I do BLOG WORTHY lol Just having fun, like I have always tried to do through a bad mistake, horrible marriage, nasty accident just trying to live life with a smile as many hours as I can manage and with some genuine people in it, who are NICE like you 🙂

  2. Aw!! Thank you so much for the award! I love your blog! You always make me smile…and I’m not even a mom!!
    I have great news for you about the “Alex & I” vs “me & Alex” thing that a lot of people don’t realize…I’m an English Teacher and only made this discovery a few years ago, myself. There are times when “me and Alex” is right. Apparently, if the sentence sounds right with “me” in the singular, you would use “me & Alex” in the plural. IE: “You can give the book to me” is right, not “You can give the book to I.” Therefore, you would say, “you can give the book to me and Alex.”
    If you were saying “I went to the fair,” you would say “Alex & I went to the fair.” So, at least half the time, you can thumb your nose at those people who are always correcting your choice of words!! (I took great pleasure in telling my husband this gem, by the way. Tired of him correcting my use of Me & You!!)

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out and golden trophy – I feel so special. (I mean the good kind of special, not the “special” you use when referring to someone who is heavily medicated…or needs to be.) Love your stuff!

  4. AWESOME….you deservie awards!! Keep up the great job…you are helping many!

    Please check out my latest posting…it’s a link to another Mom’s blog! She interviewed me to learn more about how to motivate her 3 kids to read at home….I shared the concept of Book Boxes with her and she did a great blog post on the topic. Check it out…may want to post it on your blog and spread the word so others will create Book Boxes for their kids….and get them reading more!!


    Dr. Connie Hebert, National Literacy Consultant, Author, Mom of 3!

    • Thanks Connie!! I just read the article and it is so good! I have this on my list of potential things I want to in cooperate into my blog because it is definitely something I’m passionate about! The school year starts next week so I’m sure I’ll find a perfect way to use it within one of my blog posts! Thanks again for the kind words!

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