First Day of School

Letter to my son

Letter to my daughter

Iris & Bency’s first day of school


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  1. A niece after my own heart… A doggy shirt for the 1st day of school!!! It makes my heart sing!!! Kind of looks like a rainbow version of Vida. And the lunch box!! I’ve been taking Gary’s daughter to work everyday since she crashed her car and grandaughter to daycare. Sometimes I have to pick them up too. Last week after I picked up Kiley I went into a store similar to Big Lots because they had advertised doggie stairs on sale. (I know, I know)… Anyway, the first thing Kiley sees is that exact lunchbox that Iris has and she wanted it soooo bad! She’s 3 and has no need for a lunch box, but in case she ever does she has one now. Along with a lion hat, a baby who sings it’s ABCs, a bible themed coloring book and colors, Dora socks, and flip flops, chocolate chip Hostess muffins, and a dress that had a necklace sewn on it. And guess what I forgot all about? The doggy stairs that I walked in the store for.
    The letters are beautiful, Melissa! Your kids will cry when they read them when they are older. I know this because I cried when I read them just now. : ) You and Cesar have a awesome 1st day of one on one time. I look back on the time I had with Sam when he was the last one left at home, that was a nice time in my life, hanging out with just him everyday during the week. I bet you will enjoy it.

  2. I love this! Such a sweet sentiment. There are more than a few years before Little Bear has his first day of school but I hope I remember to do this when he does. Hilarious that Bency’s goal is to have 100 girlfriends!

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