The Magical Forest Wonderland

I would like to share a little beauty from my corner of the world with everyone that I experienced this weekend. My family and I went to our local Botanical Gardens. This name does not do it justice. It is indeed botanical and a garden but if I was given the honor of naming it, I would have called it The Magical Forest Wonderland or something equally as fascinating as it really is!

This was the perfect place for kids. They could run, explore and not have to worry about breaking anything. The only minor incident that occurred was when our 5 year old Bency stepped into the koi pond. I told him he could stand on the edge and look in and apparently he heard, “step into the pond and become one with the koi.” He was slightly disturbed with his wet socks and shoes and a bit flabbergasted that I didn’t have an extra set on me but he soon got over it and began running and playing in all the beautiful glory!

The kids were disappointed to leave on Saturday so with Sunday being Grandparent’s Day I invited my Mom who has never been there to join us in one more day of nature’s beautiful splendor all encapsulated in one wonderful place!

Enjoy and have a wonderful and beautiful week!

Iris, Bency and Cesar excited to start their adventure!

Having fun running around


morning dew on the ground cover





The kids climbing a huge hill

The kids getting water from the rain barrels to water the animal topiaries

Bency water the bunny topiary

The dragonfly bridge

Cesar and Dad

Bency disgruntled with his wet shoes and socks after going into the pond

Iris on butterfly bench

The kids love the stars on the walking path

Beautiful garden art everywhere

Mr. McGregor’s garden from The Tales of Peter Rabbit

A huge maze for the kids!

a beautiful view from the tower in the children’s garden

The rainbow garden


Iris posing in the stone structure


The kids crossing a stream

The kids having so much fun running around

This is the bathroom!


another beautiful view from a different tower

The roof of one of the towers

The fairy garden

The kids waiting for the fairies to move

Nature’s artwork

Grandma spending the day with me and the kids

A door knocker on the English cottage











25 responses

  1. Oh wait, now I see your link… I didn’t realize it was in Wisconsin. I have family and friends there-will have to remember if we ever get to go visit. Not sure if I’ll be traveling again soon (referring to my blog post today!)

  2. This is one of my favorite places to visit! A couple of summers ago, we took a trip around Lake Michigan in late August to see the Monarch butterflies take off on their long journey to Mexico for the winter. On the way home, we drove through Green Bay and stopped here. The kids absolutely loved the different gardens — my daughter was fascinated by the wee fairy gardens. I loved that gazebo roof so much I took practically the same picture as you and blew it up to a poster-size photo to hang in our foyer. It’s also my Gravatar.

    Your post brought back many happy memories of the Green Bay Botannical Gardens and that whole trip. Thanks for that!!

    • That is amazing!! I’ve seen your Gravatar so many times and never put two and two together!! I haven’t been there for 3 years and couldn’t believe how much new stuff was there…or perhaps I just missed some of it the last time…there is just so much to see!!! I’m happy it brought back good memories for you!!

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