Tomato Popsicles

This year we were lucky to have an abundance of tomatoes thanks to my parents and neighbors. The past couple of weeks our meals have included chili, stews, homemade spaghetti sauce and sides of just plain sliced tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

Yesterday I was juicing the rest of our tomatoes to freeze because even though my husband and daughter eat them like candy there was even too many for them to go through before they went bad. I will use the juice for future stews, soups and chili.

While I was juicing an idea popped into my head!

Tomato Popsicles!!

One of my first blog posts was Rhubarb Popsicles so I am not a stranger to obscure popsicle flavors.

So into my popsicle mold went some of my freshly juiced tomatoes.

When the kids got home from school I presented them with this new and amazing snack. I told them it was a surprise flavor and they had to figure it out on their own.

Bency, my five year old thought it was watermelon and thought it was REALLY good (he hates fresh tomatoes).

Iris thought it tasted like a vegetable and really healthy and thought it was pretty good.

When I finally told them what it was Bency wouldn’t eat anymore while Iris started devouring it even faster saying it was the best popsicle ever!

Kids are weird. If you find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes try Tomato Popsicles!!

Bency eating a tomato popsicle

18 responses

    • When it was cold like that it was hard to tell it was tomato!! If I had not told him what it was he would have ate the whole thing!! He’s always a little leery of my cooking because I’m always trying to slip healthy stuff in!! Oh well, next time I know to keep my mouth shut!!! haha!!

  1. I love tomatoes. Actually, let me rephrase that, I love a GOOD tomato. I cannot even imagine for a moment eating a tomato popsicle, LOL.

    I see you fall into the tomato as a vegetable camp. Is it? Or is it a fruit? Quite controversial. LOL.

  2. I wouldn’t have told him what it was. I would have just given it some wacky awesome name and left it at that. Prince Charming would have caught on, but not cared. It would take Buttercup years to figure out what she were eating. Sometimes we call her ‘Edith Bunker.’ LOL

  3. I like fresh tomatoes but I’d have never thought of making them into a Popsicle. My husband swears kids will eat anything as long as it is presented in a fun way. I’m going to have to try this and see what we get….

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