The Cranky Lady Got Lubbed

Yesterday my shopping list included: milk, kid shampoo, Rit dye, band aids, carrots, diapers and fabric softener.

This kind of list screamed for Wal-mart. I avoid Wal-mart as much as possible due to their lackluster customer service but with a list like this and only wanting to make one stop…. off to Wal-mart my almost two-year old and I went.

My son, Cesar and I made our purchases and approached the check-out. The light indicating that the check-out lane was open was on but no one was standing there. As we pulled into the lane the middle-aged cashier woman came around the corner huffing with her head down and immediately began swiping our items. There was no customary, “Did you find everything today?” She did not smile or say a word. I instantly knew this lady was NOT having a good day.

My son is the happiest and most social child out of all my children. He is the one I will be most worried about when it comes to white vans and offers of candy. He views all people as potential friends and likes everyone!

My son said “Hi” to the cashier. She said nothing back. He kept saying it over and over. He was trying desperately to make eye contact with her. His eyes were shiny with glee. He was wearing his biggest smile. Still the lady would not reply to him. My son is also persistent and I wanted to tell her just to say “hi” to him because I knew he would not stop until he got a response.

When the lady finished bagging our items and ringing up our total she said, “I’m sorry I didn’t say hello to your child. I’m NOT a kid person. I think it’s because I’ve never been a mom that I don’t like kids. I also think I’m cranky because I’m hungry. I don’t mean to be cranky with you but I think I just need to get some food. I got yelled at earlier today by a mom because I didn’t say “hi” to her kid either. I told her I was sorry, I’m just not a kid person.”

I just sat there listening, smiling and shaking my head. I was caught off guard. I didn’t know what to say. I thought about saying something rude but sympathy was more what I felt for her rather than anger. There was more than hunger coursing through her veins. So I just nodded and put my bags in my cart.

I started to walk away and Cesar looked at the lady and said, “Bye!! See Ya!!! I Lub you!!!

The lady’s face froze. She stammered out a “Bye.” Then she wrangled out a “Did he just say he loved me?”

I looked at the lady and I said, “Yes, he just said he loved you!”

She smiled with tears in her eyes and said, “You have a real cute kid there.”

I thanked her and walked away.

My not quite two year old served a very important purpose yesterday. I think he made that lady a “kid person” for at least a minute and he let her know she was loved.

I Lub You!!!

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  1. I also was a child my Mother worried about I was always so helpful as random cars would stop and ask me the cute 5 yr. old blonde girl a question only a grown-up would know. The stories my Mom could tell 🙂

    The world in general is stressed and depressed and the few left smiling like your son do their best to brighten the world day by day.

    You dislike Wal-Mart as much as I do but for today your purpose was to go and make a difference and with your loved and loving child you did. I just hope him being close to 2 saved him from her hurtful words. Give him an extra hug from me


    • Thank you Eunice!! He is a great kid who always makes people feel so special…especially me!! I’m glad I get to experience it every day and every second!! I’m glad he didn’t understand what she was saying and just continued to spread his love to her!!! You do the same things everyday with your pictures and beautiful words!

      • Thanks how nice for you to say that.

        It is who I am a soul who went through too much pain, lost herself and with the help of sharing pretty photos of my world and a few words I am learning to smile and really be happy inside like your son.

        You are blessed but then you know that already.


  2. How very sweet! Looking at his picture, I’d say your little darling could make any person into a “kid person”! I too avoid the land of Wal like the plague but after reading this perhaps I’ll have a little better attitude when and if I ever have to go there. Great post!

    • Jaybob2, I am not too big a man to admit that when I read this, It brought tears to my eyes as well… I have the pleasure of being his father, and I can’t tell you the number of times that he and my other two children approach life… My wife and I are lucky to have them in our lives… I am more blessed as I also have a beautiful wife that has given them all that she is to share with the world…

      Thank You Melissa!!!

      • Thanks to both of you for being touched by the story!! Sometimes it takes a two year old to remind us everyone is going through their own personal battles and can always use a good old cheering up and a little love!!

      • I self published a few books and was advised to blog to try to lure in readers, Yeah, right!
        The best thing I got out of that deal is your wife’s blog. I have two older daughters and six grandkids. Like you said, nothing else brings so much joy into your life.

    • Thank you! The more that lady talked I was feeling the Mama Bear come out of me wondering why she didn’t like my kid. But then I realized it wasn’t even about my kid. I’m glad I did before I said something foolish. When I saw how she softened when he said that I wished it had been me to say something kind! Learning lesson for all!

  3. That gave me chills, to think of the deeper hunger in that cashier that was clearly crying out for love, and of your son obliviously but joyfully, naturally, giving simple but pure childlike love. I’ve been hearing a lot around me about being a blessing right where we are–we don’t need to go far to help others, or to show love, and it’s so true. Even in our mundane motherly tasks, we have a great privilege of encountering all kinds of people. I’m so glad your son was persistent, and I’m saying a prayer that that lady’s heart continues to melt, and that she knows deep down that she is loved. What a great story.

  4. You know, I’ve noticed sometimes that’s exactly what people need. The dump all their problems on you, even if it’s just for a minute and suddenly they feel a lot better. I’m sure both you and your son made her day go from something horrible to a whole lot brighter!

  5. I avoid Walmart except that they sell Ronzoni Smarttaste Pasta. Why is that important? Because my daughter and I have, ahem, constipation issues, and that pasta has a LOT of fiber in it. And it tastes good. Basically, Walmart makes us go. So once or twice a month we venture in there. We are fortunate to have very nice cashiers at both our Walmarts, but I’ve been to ones in other places where they are not so great. I’m glad your son was able to make a breakthrough there. Hooray for social children!

    • haha!!! that’s funny!!! And yes, they are ALL not bad but sometimes I’ve been there looking for something and they just tell me it’s not in their department and don’t actually take the time to find out which department it’s in. I don’t think it’s THEIR fault I just think Wal-mart in general doesn’t want to supply over the top customer service.

  6. That’s such a beautiful story and I hope your son persists with loving the roses with thorns as he grows older. It reminds me of my post about the love of a stranger. Sometimes, someone we’ve never met can touch our souls in the most remarkable way as I believe your son did with this lady. Who know how her life may change or take a different route to the one she was on before…

  7. This made me smile!! What an absolutely sweetie pie you have there!!! I’m so glad that he was able to touch someone’s heart just by being him.

  8. Too cute!

    Of course the larger question here is why this woman chooses to take so much time explaining why she doesn’t say “hello” to children. It would take far less time to just say freaking “hello”!

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    • Thank you so much Rachel! I just went and read your post as well! We certainly did have similar experiences didn’t we??!! I couldn’t figure out how to comment on your bog but I signed up for emails to subscribe to your blog! Thanks again for stopping by!

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