I’m Kind of Rubbing Off On the Kid

For a little over a week now, it’s just been my almost two year old, Cesar and I together all day for the first time ever since his older brother and sister started school.

I am enjoying our one on one time immensely. Aside from his afternoon nap the house is still noisy filled with all his chatter and I’m still very busy catering to all of his requests.

This past week, Cesar has picked up a new sentence. He is constantly saying, “Oh, that’s funny!”

After a little reflection I realized he has picked this up from me. I am continually using this phrase whenever I see or hear something….well…funny! I use it when the kids tell me a laughable story, see something on television or read something. I guess I feel laughing is just not good enough. I have to also state the obvious.

However, I have found that Cesar’s and my sense of humor is NOT aligned.

The other day he discovered one of the older kids brown markers. He proceeded to color all over his legs and throughout several books. He brought the evidence to me smiling and saying, “Oh, that’s funny!”

NOT FUNNY! Especially since one of those books was his brother’s favorite Seek and Find and now I don’t know how he’ll ever find the fire truck hidden amongst the basket of apples because there is brown marker colored directly over it!

This morning I exited the shower to hear wailing. Wrapped only in a towel I peeked around the corner and found Cesar had tipped the wooden computer chair backwards while he was obviously standing on it and the head of the chair was now resting on the couch which, thankfully, is a foot behind it but left Cesar in quite a predicament. Due to a large picture window in our living room, and only having a towel wrapped around me, I had to crouch down like a duck and waddle over to him. This immediately brought him from cries of distress to obnoxious laughter and repeatedly saying, “Oh, that’s funny!”


The other daily ritual of Cesar is to put on his sister’s shiny flats and walk around the house. He does this with a smirk and a, “Oh, that’s funny!” thrown in there.

Okay, this is kind of funny until he goes and hides them in a cupboard or somewhere else equally unlikely to put a pair of shoes. Then, it’s NOT FUNNY when I have to help my daughter for an hour try to find his new hiding spot.

I had visions of teaching Cesar his ABC’s, numbers, colors and lovely little songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” next week.

Instead we will put that on hold for a few days and I will have him watch reruns of Seinfeld with me because this kid needs to learn what FUNNY is!

Cesar wearing Iris’s shiny flats because he thinks it’s funny

21 responses

  1. That reminds me of my house so much! Thanks for sharing!

    Isn’t it funny the things kids pick up? My daughter likes to throw “for some reason” on to the end of everything. Every time I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “What do you mean ‘for some reason’? You know the reason! You just told me what the reason was!”

    Kids are funny like that I guess.

  2. Maybe Cesar and I share the same sense of humor. I mean, I don’t even know you nor was I there to see you wrapped in a towel and waddling like a duck in order to avoid the picture window, but I found it pretty funny, too.

  3. My son says, “That’s alarious!” constantly, because apparently I’m always saying it, too. (Although I usually pronounce it “hilarious”…)

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