Birthday Decoration Head Shots

On Saturday we celebrated our youngest son, Cesar’s 2nd birthday! His actual birthday is this coming Thursday!

We had a great party at our house filled with our family and friends. Cesar doesn’t grasp the concept of birthdays yet but he had a blast and was in his element being surrounded by tons of people!

I think birthdays at this age are more for the parents than the kids anyway. It’s a time for us to reflect on the glorious memories that have been made this year and also a time to wipe our brow and say a blessing that we made it through another year of keeping this child safe!

Even though our family loves celebrating birthdays and throwing parties we don’t go “all out.” We keep things simple and keep to a low budget. We don’t do themes we just make things “festive.”

Here is one of the decorations I made for Cesar’s birthday that was simple to make and brought smiles to everyone’s face!

Our dining room wall filled with pictures of Cesar at various stages from the past two years!

To make this I picked some of my favorite photos and cropped and enlarged them to get only his face. I then cut out around his head. Next I took some scrapbook paper and drew and cut out triangles. Lastly I took a strip of tissue paper, scrunched it up and glued it to the bottom of the party hat triangle and then a little piece to the top of the triangle.

That’s it! All twelve heads took me about an hour to make!

A close up of one Cesar’s “heads”

Stay tuned this week for more glimpses into Cesar’s 2nd birthday bash!!!

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  1. I know this is sort of random (and not really related to birthdays), but I recently saw on Pinterest where someone had made gamepieces out of their kids pictures. I thought that was neat. In my house it would eliminate the kids fighting over who had what gamepiece. 😀

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