Birthday Cake Extravaganza!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Cesar’s 2nd birthday!

I have always made my kid’s birthday cakes. The only time I didn’t was on my daughter’s 1st birthday. This was my first time throwing a birthday party and I was nervous. I hadn’t made a birthday cake in years and I wasn’t sure I could do it. In my quest to have the “perfect” birthday for her I bought the cake. Since then I have realized that it’s not about being “perfect” and it’s just about celebrating their life and showing them you love them.

I realize you don’t have to make a cake to show them you love them but it’s something I really have grown to like doing and it’s really not that hard and it doesn’t have to be PERFECT for them to love it!!!

This year I made Cesar a Cookie Monster cake. He actually doesn’t care for Cookie Monster as much as he does actual COOKIES!!! He’s obsessed with them so we are always calling him Cookie Monster!

Cesar’s 2nd birthday cake….Cookie Monster

I thought as a special tribute to birthdays I would share my past birthday cakes that I have made. You will notice my kids have made some strange requests and though I tried my best they weren’t always the best!! None the less my kids LOVED them and still reminisce about all their past cakes!

Iris’s 2nd birthday cake and my first attempt at a homemade birthday cake in years….Elmo!!!

Iris’s 3rd birthday cake. It’s a strawberry cake decorated with strawberries!

Iris’s 4th birthday cake. Iris was obsessed with Betty Boop and insisted on this cake!

Iris’s 5th birthday cake. She began her obsession with unicorns this year!!!

Iris’s 6th birthday cake. This was a real simple one as I also had to make princess and pirate cupcakes for a birthday party she had with her classmates!

Iris’s 7th birthday cake. She found this Barbie candle and wanted it on her cake. This was also a very simple cake because I had both of my little boys helping me with it!!!!

Bency’s 1st birthday cake. A layer cake decorated with M&M’s and animal crackers!

Bency’s 2nd birthday cake! He had just learned how to roar like a lion!!!

Bency’s 3rd birthday cake. The year he began his love and curiosity of dinosaurs!

Bency’s 4th birthday cake. This is the year he began his obsession with zebras! Notice I spelled birthday wrong!!!! Doh!!!

Bency’s 5th birthday cake. Bency loves rainbows due to his love of art and all colors!!

The inside of Bency’s 5th birthday cake!

Cesar’s 1st birthday cupcakes!!! He was drawn to monkeys at an early age!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the history of our birthday cakes!!! It is always fun to see what the kids are going to request and what I can come up with!!!

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  1. What fabulous birthday cakes! I recently decided to make all my childen’s birthday cakes too, they aren’t perfect, but they are loved. 🙂

  2. Those are great. I have tried to make the cakes/cupcakes for my kids parties the last few years and, although I give a valiant effort, I am soooo not artistic, so I’m buying a cake this year for older son so he won’t be embarrassed by mom. I really love the layered animal cracker and m&m cake though! that looks like something I could actually do and I may steal that idea for 2 year old’s bday! 🙂

  3. I love the Cookie Monster cake. Very appropriate. A couple of years ago Buttercup wanted a Webkinz party. I made her cake like the wheel of something (I forget the name) that’s on Webkinz World. They had a great time.

  4. Love ’em! I always made my kids’ cakes when they were younger but I can’t seem to find the time anymore now. I remember my grandmother making all of ours when we were growing up. It gives me great joy to use her equipment and shaped pans to do it for my kids. You may have inspired me to make sure I make more time to do that again. 🙂

      • I agree. There is something special about using stuff that has been passed down to you. I made both my girls the same first birthday cake my grandma made for me using the same panda pan. It just seemed “right”.

  5. Those are great! I especially liked the different expressions on the monkeys’ faces, as well as the strawberry one. Good job, and good reminder about how it doesn’t need to be perfect!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I think the monkey cupcakes were my favorites to make. I got that idea from a friend of mine! If I was a perfectionist my life would be very overwhelming because I would have too many imperfections to correct!!!

  6. So true about not having to be perfect, always good to be reminded of that. Kind of like jobs – kids don’t care what their parents do, they just want you to spend time with them.

  7. Beautiful cakes! My sister and I were just strategizing last night about Taygun’s first birthday cake, so a well times post! 🙂 My sister, sister-in-law and I all enjoy making cakes. We’ve gotten into using fondant icing.

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  9. Beautiful to see how much love has gone into these sweet creations! Lucky, well-loved kids! I have yet to post about my little boy’s birthday parties… must do it before he’s all grown up! 😉

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