Tissue Paper Party Decorations

Here is a strange and NOT so interesting fact about myself….I have never bought tissue paper in my life! I bet I got your attention now! I bet you’re just dying to know where this is going!!!

Every present my family has ever received that has tissue paper surrounding it; I have immediately taken the tissue paper out and carefully folded it back up nicely and added it to my stash of “used” tissue paper.

I actually have no idea how much tissue paper is going for nowadays but I’m sure I have saved my family a few dollars by doing this!!

Tissue paper is not only good for using on presents but is a great way to wrap breakables when temporarily putting them away.

I have also begun making tissue paper decorations for parties! This past weekend we celebrated my youngest son’s 2nd birthday party and I made a few for the party we held at our house!

They are very simple to make, only take about 10 minutes per decoration and best of all they are FREE (if you are a tissue paper hoarder like me)!!!

This is not a new concept. My mom remembers making these for her high school prom! Though in the era that we live in where you can find everything readily made we tend to forget that we can make so many things on our own and save a few dollars doing it!

Directions on how to make Tissue Paper Party Decorations

  • Layer 9-10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. If they are all not the same size, it’s no big deal but does make things a little easier for the next step.
  • Begin to fold your stack of tissue paper accordion style in about 2 inch strips. Fold 2 inches one way and then turn to back side and fold 2 inches the other way. Do this all the way across until you have it all folded.
  • Pinch the middle with your fingers and secure with a twisty tie or some kind of bendable wire.
  • Now very carefully you start fanning out your pieces of tissue paper. Tissue paper is very fragile so gently do this step but if it rips a little, it’s not a big deal. You won’t notice it when it is all poofed out!!
  • The final step is just tying a string around the middle and hanging from your ceiling or desired location!

Tissue Paper Ball at Cesar’s birthday party

tissue paper decorations at Iris’s birthday party earlier this year


14 responses

  1. I wonder how many people will have to print out these directions, LOL! You would twitch in my house on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to throw everything in the trash, including the tissue paper.

  2. My family hoards everything gift related. Especially gift bags-It’s very rare when I actually buy a gift bag. I just go get one out of our closet when I need it. Works out pretty well. And I keep the tissue paper to stuff in the bags-at least until it’s too torn up to use! 🙂

    • oh yes….the gift bags!!! I keep those too!! I have baby gift bags (both boy and girl), I have children’s character bags, I have birthday, Christmas, the list goes on! I probably have close to a hundred! Oh the madness!!!

  3. That’s awesome! I like to recycle tissue paper and gift bags too! My parents would save wrapping paper, and I always remember having to be careful unwrapping presents at Christmas and birthdays. I guess they were being green & frugal, and that’s been passed down to me too! It’s more creative and fun to make something yourself vs. just buying something new. Great post!

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