Oh My Gosh

My 7 year old daughter, Iris, was a dream child. Starting at a very early age she would sit very quietly and flip through her books. She never once colored on a book or tore them. She would play toys all by herself and when she was done she would put them away. She never threw a fit about taking naps or going to bed. When we moved her to the “big girl” bed at 2 years old she never once tried to get out of it. She ate healthy food without bribes and has always been eager to learn.

As she got older, she became the voice of reason in our house. Last year, I made green colored popcorn for her to bring to school for St. Patrick’s Day. I told her to tell her class it was “Leprechaun Poop.” She told me, “Mom, that really isn’t appropriate to tell children.” Don’t try to say the word “stupid” in our house, even if it’s in reference to the coffee pot because it is brewing to slow. You will get a tongue lashing from her. My husband has been on the receiving end of her scolding several times when he says unkind things to drivers on the road or to the television when his football game is not going the way he likes it.

The craziest thing she has ever done was go through a period in Kindergarten where she would write her name with 2 s’s. She said her Spanish name was pronounced “I-REES” and was spelled, “Iriss.” I have no idea where she came up with this and there was no convincing her that she had to write her name with only one “s.”

Yesterday, I found a TRUE sign of rebellion.

When Iris was little I found an old school desk on the side of the road in bad shape. I brought it home, painted it and gave it to her for her 3rd birthday.

Iris sits at her desk almost every night writing stories, poems and lists. She dreams, plays and plans at this desk. I personally think she is getting too big for it but she refuses to let it go. She loves her desk. It has been well used and is showing its years of love.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of repainting it for her until I noticed something written on it yesterday.

The defacing of the desk with “Oh my gosh”

Oh my gosh!

This is truly a sign of rebellion if I ever saw one. Not only did she deface her desk but the words themselves speak volumes that she is ready to kick that “good girl” image!! I just know tomorrow she will be asking me to buy her black hair dye and black lipstick. Perhaps she’ll want a tattoo also. I’m sure a nose piercing and skipping school is right around the corner from that. Of course, I’m anticipating the request of spray paint so she can go deface store fronts with “Anarchy Rules!”

When Iris got home from school, I asked her why she had wrote, “Oh my gosh” on her desk. She froze and her eyes got huge and full of worry. She shook her head and was certain she had no idea what I was talking about. She slithered off to her room very quietly.

I stood back and smiled. Perhaps we’re okay. I don’t think she’ll be asking for that hair dye any time soon and as for “Oh my gosh”….I kind of like it. I’m not going to repaint her desk. It’s been loved and shares some secrets with my daughter. It’s at her desk that she dreams, plays and plans!

Iris’s beloved desk

18 responses

  1. Love it! I think I may have a mini version of Iris, Miss Tinks is my dream child at the moment, but I am certain she will be an horrendous teenager!

  2. I might have to borrow your Miss Iris to teach my daughter a few lessons. Miss A is very strong-willed. Wouldn’t put her teeth out for nthe tooth fairy as she didn’t want to part with them and the money provided no incentive either.

    • haha!!! That is so funny!!! Iris was actually in a hurry to lose teeth. She once asked if she could quit brushing so all her teeth would rot and fall out!! I quickly fixed her mindset when I told her the Tooth Fairy didn’t accept rotten teeth!!! Good luck with your girl!!! Isn’t it fun when our kids keep us on our toes?!!

  3. Vandalism! haha!!! At least she didn’t write it on the wall 🙂 My husband wants to do a chalk board wall….and I say HECK NO, then ours will write on regular walls if she gets confused! Or starts to rise up agains Mommy and Daddy!

  4. She is strong-willed, like my daughter (now 29)…we made it by taking a girls’ weekend trip together every year, by letting her know we loved her no matter what she did or said, and by pulling in the rope when she got to be too much for her own self. Now, she is a fantastic Mommy of 3! Have fun, bring out the best in her, and use humor to keep things light. Great post….keep the desk for her babies:)

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