The Blanket Boy

None of my three children ever got attached to a blanket as a baby. I was seriously disappointed about this.

I don’t think there is anything cuter than a toddler dragging around a faded, ripped up blanket. Something about it just strikes up innocence and sweetness. But like I said, I never had one of these children.

Believe me, I tried. We had a lot of baby blankets….thin, thick, fuzzy, shiny, super soft, nubby, and all kinds of different patterns and characters. As we rocked and snuggled I always draped a blanket on them. When I put them in their cribs they all had a blanket laid on them. None of the kids were disgusted with blankets; they just didn’t want to drag them around.

I thought I had a chance with my youngest son, Cesar. When he woke up in the morning and from naps he would grab his blanket and request to bring it downstairs with him. My body felt giddy at the prospect of having a “Blanket Baby.” I dreamed of the fun challenges this would bring. I know mothers with blanket babies have a hard time getting it washed and there’s always the challenge of replacing the “irreplaceable” blanket that has been lost. My excitement in the possibility of having a “blanket fiend” was short-lived though. Cesar never carried it around. He merely brought it downstairs and never looked at it again. Months ago he even quit requesting to bring blankets downstairs.

I have made peace with this, thanks to my 5 year old son, Bency. Much to my surprise he has come to love blankets. He is actually kind of obsessed with them. Thankfully, he doesn’t want to drag them around and we didn’t have to send one to Kindergarten with him but he does like a blanket wrapped around him when he is sitting watching television. He also requested 3 blankets on his bed this fall as the nights began to get colder.

I was happy to oblige my son with three blankets and as I pulled them out of the chest I told him the story of each blanket.

The first blanket was made by my mom almost 30 years ago. When I was 7 years old I was in a sledding accident and ended up in the hospital for eight days with internal injuries. While I lay in my hospital bed my mom sat by my side and made me this quilt. I loved this quilt and always used it on my bed or to wrap up in when I watched television. I took it with me when I moved out on my own and with its age and several washings it began to tear and get faded. I requested my mom to repair it several times.

The blanket my mom made me when I was 7 years old

She did repair my blanket but she also made me a new quilt. This one was equally loved even though I received it in my 20’s. This one now gets added to my daughter’s bed every Fall.

The second blanket my mom made me that now gets added to my daughter’s bed every fall

The second two blankets I added to my son’s bed, share the same story. They were crocheted by my Great-Grandma Palma on my father’s side. She was Norwegian, very creative and always busy. She made these for my parents in the 1970’s. I remember they always draped over our olive green sofa when I was little. When I moved out of my parent’s house they were passed down to me.

the blankets my Great-Grandma Palma crocheted

When I finished telling the stories of the blankets to my son; he looked at me very earnestly and said, “Mom, please don’t ever pass these blankets down. I want to keep them forever.”

I told him that we would keep them forever.

Little did he realize, I was in fact passing them down to him at this moment as I placed the blankets on his bed.

He is my blanket boy.


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    • Oh you’re so lucky you have a blanket lover! That is nice that he isn’t attached to just one! I’ve heard so many horror stories!! LOL! That’s amazing I found someone else with a Norwegian grandma who makes afghans…what are the chances!!!???

  1. Sweet! I don’t have blanket children…but I do have a “shirt boy”–maybe when he gets a wee bit older, or if I start writing totally anonymously, I will tell the story of the pink and orange shirts! My grandma used to crochet; a blanket that my mom received from her (my mom’s mother-in-law) was one of my baby blankets, and it is now on a footstool in my daughter’s room! It’s nice to have a fresh, new throw for our living room, but blankets with stories are extra special.

  2. My boy was a pillow lover. We had several of those little micro-bead pillows and he had to have them. And my girl loves her little satin-backed blanket.

    Your blankets are awesome! I love the quilt on your daughter’s bed. I love to crochet but have never ever made a granny square afghan. It looks like so much work to piece them all together!

    • I would have definitely compromised and had a pillow baby if I could have!!! That’s so cute! You know I keep thinking I might like to learn to crochet but I never seem to have enough time. Perhaps that’s why they call them granny squares…we’ll have more time on our hands when we’re grannies!!! LOL!

  3. There’s just something about those quilts and afghans that moms/grandmas make, isn’t there? My mom made us these gorgeous quilts for our rooms and lap quilts for snuggling under while watching tv. I love the one she made for my younger son, and I’m a little ashamed to say I try to race him for it each time we head down to the family room!

  4. I think you had a lucky escape, my daughter still has an affection for her baby blanket to this day. I will never take it from her only when she’s ready. It’s still in very good condition, maybe she can pass it on to her little one in the future, but I doubt it!

  5. I always wanted one of my children to have a favorite stuffed animal, you know, the one they couldn’t sleep without or do anything without. Instead I got a blanket boy. He’s got his two blankets, Blinket and Minket. He can’t sleep without them and likes to drag them to places when he knows he’s going to be tired and want to sleep. Still, washing them is impossible! I can’t even wash one at a time because he’s not happy unless they’re both there. The other one will “cry” until they’re reunited. As such I’ve had to suck it up and wash them together at all times and deal with a cranky boy until they’re done!

    I think your story is fantastic. What better way for kids to inherit a piece of something special!

    • Thank you!!! I absolutely LOVE that your son’s blankets have names!!! Ugh…now I even feel worse that I never had a little one dragging around a blanket!!! LOL! Yeah, the blankets have no monetary worth but they definitely hold something more special!! Thanks for reading my blog!!! Have a great day!

  6. My mother is a quilter and she has made every person in my family a blanket and a quilt.She made every one of my grandbabies blankets and they are all blanket lovers.Our oldest granddaughter still sleeps with that blanket and she is going on ten years old.It is pure love from her great grandma Perkie.I loved this post.

  7. Both of my kids are blanket kids. My son has an Iowa State fleece blanket that he picked out when he was little that is really starting to show wear. He keeps it on his bed and won’t sleep without it. My daughter is the real blanket kid. She has a lavender blankie that is satin on one side and soft on the other-it’s the first thing I bought when I found out I was having a girl, and she carries it EVERYWHERE! We have to hide it from her so we can wash it. 😀

  8. I love everything about blankets, and I love the stories of all of the special blankets in your life. I have one that my now 100-year-old grandma made me when I was about ten. We use it on the couch all the time. It just makes me content to see my kids wrapped up in something my grandmother made. My four kids are all “blanket babies.” Fleece tied blankets…the ones with the great tied fringes on the sides…that’s what did it. Introduce it early on, nurse with it every time, after a while they play with the fringes, and then they were hooked. Ahh….love me a good blankie. : )

    • You know, now that you mention it…I don’t think we had any fleece tied blankets for the babies! We do have a big one though so I know what you’re talking about…Darn it!!! LOL!!! Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to try your idea with the questions!!

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