Please Don’t Run Away From Home

The other day, my 7 year old daughter, Iris and I were snuggling together on our recliner.

I can’t remember the exact context of our conversation but I said something along the lines of “when you get to be an adult and move out on your own.”

She giggled and said, “Moooommm…I’ve told you before, I’m NEVER moving out. I’m going to live with you forever.”

I do remember her stating this but that was when she was 6 years old. I was sure her views had changed since then.

She continued on with her dialogue reiterating the fact that she was indeed living with me and her dad until the end of time. She explained that she would get married, have several children and they would all live in our small, cozy house happily ever after.

I was relishing in this prospect that we had a child that loves us so much that she can’t bear ever leaving us.

I know millions of kids probably say and feel this same way but I know one particular kid who during a day in his life didn’t.

My husband, Alex.

When Alex was in 4th grade he was upset with his parents. Keep in mind Alex comes from a family of 8 children so even though he doesn’t remember exactly why he was mad my guess is that it had something to do with sibling rivalry!

So, Alex decided to run away from home.

In preparation of his long journey he lied and told his mom he needed 2 dozen cupcakes for a school event. She wasn’t happy with the short notice but stayed up late making them anyway.

Alex then packed his backpack with a few clothes and a few favorite things and wrote a good-bye note to his family.

In the morning he set out the door at the normal time he would be leaving for school with his few belongings and cupcakes in tow. He left his note on the kitchen counter.

He walked 5 blocks to the seminary student’s housing (priests in training). It was part of the church Alex’s family attended and Alex knew a couple of the men there very well.

Alex told one of the men, Roberto, his plight and explained that he was running away and just wanted to stop by and say good-bye.

Roberto was very kind, welcomed him in and offered to make him a big breakfast before he set out on his big journey. After breakfast, Roberto played board games with Alex and kept him engaged in conversation. (Roberto slipped away at one point and called Alex’s mom to let her know Alex was safe and that they were just talking). He never once tried to deter Alex from running away but only asked him very thought provoking questions about what he planned to do for money and shelter.

By late afternoon, Alex decided that running away was not such a good idea after all. He bid farewell to Roberto and headed the 5 blocks back home.

On his way home, Alex began to imagine how delighted his mom would be to see him. He bet she had been worried sick and would come running the moment she laid eyes on him and give him a big hug and kiss!

When Alex arrived home, his mom was there to greet him all right. Instead of pure delight she began tearing into him about all those darn cupcakes she had to make and about the fact he skipped school! It didn’t go quite as planned but he was happy to be home, safe and sound, with 2 dozen cupcakes that I’m sure got divided up amongst his 7 brothers and sisters!

So, this is why I am happy that Iris wants to live with us forever. We have not made her mad enough that she wants to run away from home yet.

As I continued to snuggle Iris on the recliner, I asked her more questions about her adult life. She told me she wanted to be a teacher and would need me to babysit all her kids while she was working. She also said she planned on going out on a lot of dates with her husband so would need me as well during those times so it really just made sense if we all lived together.

And if my bubble had not already been burst enough; she added, “Can you please try not to end up in a wheelchair or with a walker because you won’t be of much help to me then.”

My sweet Iris! My sweet, sweet Iris!

I’m preparing myself for the request of a few dozen cupcakes anytime now!

My sweet Iris and I when she was 3 years old

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  1. Oh, you have one too! My seven year old also confessed that she doesn’t want to leave home either. In fact, she said that her and her husband will just live in her bedroom their whole lives. As for Iris, I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about her running away from home. She will only run towards it.

    • That is very sweet of you to say! We’ll have to remind our kids that they said this when they grow up!!! I’m sure they’ll have other ideas then! Especially not staying in their bedroom with their husband!!! LOL!

  2. Alex not only wanted to live with me forever, his wish was to remain a child forever too. He use to ask if there was something we could do or some medicine he could take so that he could remain a child. I felt kind of happy, albeit a little worried, that he enjoyed his childhood and life with me so much that he wanted it to last for always. But alas’ he flew the coop, and although at the beginning he use to show up sometimes at night and wake up in his childhood bed, that has passed and I barely see him even though he lives walking distance away. I still miss him…

    • Awww…Bency said he wants to remain a kid forever too but he hasn’t mentioned if he is living with me forever. Considering he still sneaks in bed and sleeps with us I’m guessing chances are pretty good!!

  3. Very sweet! We are preparing to send #2 off into the big world next year so I am relishing the times that our youngest tells me he is never leaving home. I know he’ll change his mind too but it sure is nice to hear! 🙂

      • You may be surprised at how long she feels like home is still “home” – whether she is living there or not. I have a suspicion that your connection with your kids will last forever. 😉

    • Thanks! I was trying to find a picture of me holding Iris in the recliner but since I’m the main photographer in the family I couldn’t find one. I have hundreds of my husband holding the kids though! LOL!

  4. You’d better watch out for banana peels and the odd tomato slice…. You wouldn’t wan to break a hip and ruin he plans to keep you enslaved, LOL!

  5. Loved this – brought back memories of my younger brother (RIP) he ‘cracked it’ with mum and dad early evening and said he was leaving home, he probably would have been 6 or 7. Dad met him at the front door with a suitcase (thinking of course this little adventure wouldn’t go far). He packed his treasures and strolled off down the street. Within 10 minutes he was back home with “It’s getting dark” and walked back into his room. Much to the amusement of my parents (and relief).

  6. I tried to run away once and made it all the way to our neighbors back porch, where I sat for an hour before walking back across the street in shame 🙂 It’s kind of a rite of passage…..although I hope none of mine try that because I will have a breakdown! (and I hope you will get a break from babysitting all of the grandkids and not have to use a walker while doing it – Kids are so funny with what they come up with!)

    • I know! I have no idea where she came up with that! Why did you run away?? With us each having three kids I’m sure one is bound to try running away at some point! It’s good to know that most kids don’t get too far though (the neighbor’s back porch!!!) That’s hysterical!

      • I honestly have no memory of why, just that I sat on my neighbors porch trying to figure out where I should go. haha! I pray that’s the kind of runaway we both get, should any of ours get that crazy notion!

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    • Thank you! Both he and his mom have told me the story several times and I still crack up every time! I still can’t believe he made her make 2 dozen cupcakes!!! LOL!!

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