Mommy Went To Chuck E. Cheese When You Were At School

When I was little, my mom had this thing she would do to settle me down for bed and make me sleep.

She would draw on my face.

She would take her finger and lightly draw on my face as I was lying down with my eyes closed. Sometimes she would just draw and sometimes she would add a story about how she was driving around to different stores and places.

My nose would be our house and she would have to drive to the grocery store that was located by my ear. Her next stop would be to the post office that was located on my forehead. This was so relaxing and would always put me to sleep.

I also do this with my own children and they absolutely love it!

I have never got them to a fully unconscious state while doing this but it sure does relax them and they drift off soon after.


The other night, I don’t know what got into me. Instead of just telling my 5 year old son, Bency, a mundane story about how I was traveling to the grocery store and library; I began to spin a much different tale.

I drew a line from Bency’s nose to his ear saying I was dropping him and his sister off at school. Next, I drew a line from his ear to his forehead saying I was dropping his little brother, Cesar off at Nana’s house. After that, Mommy drove to Chuck E. Cheese, and had a party all by herself! Mommy ate pizza, played games and tore through the tunnels and slides.

At this point in the story, Bency cocked one eye open and had a puzzled look on his face.

I proceeded on with my story and drew a line to his chin and said that Mommy drove to the ice cream shop and ordered a triple scoop of mint chocolate chip and sat and wondered how the kids were doing at school.

Now Bency is starting to giggle with both eyes open.

Next, I drew a line to his cheek and said Mommy had to stop off at the grocery store and buy a huge chocolate cake to eat all by herself.

Giggling is getting wilder, spittle is coming out of Bency’s mouth and he is holding his stomach.

For my final destination, I drew a line to his other ear and said Mommy went to Sir Bounce Alot and jumped the rest of the afternoon on the huge inflatables until it was time to go pick up Bency and Iris at school.

This was the final destination because at this point Bency was laughing so hard that he rolled off the bed and was writhing around on the floor in fits of laughter.

My 7 year old daughter, Iris, overheard the commotion and came running upstairs to see what was going on.

Bency, still rolling around on the floor, tried to retell the story in between giggles and shortness of breath, “Mommy…..went to…..Chuck E. Cheese (long pause) when we….were at school!”

Iris looked at me with her eyes huge and mouth open wide so I had to explain it was just a story and do the same thing on her.

It took me awhile to get the kids settled down that night. From now on, Mommy is only going to the library and post office when the kids are in school.

Cesar sleeping as a small baby

Bency sleeping when he was 4 years old

Iris sleeping when she was 6 years old

This is me sleeping when I was a kid





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  1. Hilarious. I know my school aged daughter is always suspicious of what we do while she’s at school. Guess mummy’s can’t do anything fun until the littles are there to party with them 😛

  2. Fantastic story! It’s lovely that you carry on something with your children that your Mother did with you. Lovely pics too, your daughter is alot like you as a child. 🙂

  3. What a sweet story! I don’t know how you’ll ever go back to the post office and library route. Your kids have discovered that you have fun without them. Chuck E. Cheese, pizza, and ice cream? That’s a lot to measure up to! 🙂

      • First things first. I like what you’ve done with the place!

        Second, I think you owe it to us, your loyal readers, to blog about the parent-teacher conference where you are required to explain why your son thinks you visited a bordello while he was at school, LOL!

      • Thanks, I’m trying to fix the place up a little! Perhaps, I should put more energy in on my own house!
        I’m sure we’ll already have plenty to talk about at parent teacher conferences to fill a good week worth of blogs about…don’t fret!

  4. I’m doing this on the boys tonight, although I’m sure they will probably ask for an extra 1/2 hour of watching Nick Junior instead. They were so mad at me last night when I clicked off the T.V. at 8:30 after the 30 minutes I promised them of T.V. when I put them to bed at 8:00. “Like it or lump it, I said, I will read you each a story and then it’s bedtime. Any complaints and “Granny’s Daycare” will close down as of tomorrow.” They didn’t look thrilled but I didn’t hear a peep after I read and kissed them goodnight. I cowardly thought better of the feet project for last night. I’ll leave that for the weekend when we don’t have the whirlwind of supper, baths and homework. Homework time is probably the most punishing part of the day for me. I peer into those backpacks with the utmost dread after school, wondering what torture awaits me. It’s not looking good for me tonight : (
    This post cracked me up! I don’t remember mom doing this to me, I’m jealous… I just got the little piggy going to market routine on my toes. Lame in comparison : ) Ha Ha!

  5. Our kids go on a camping trip every summer with my parents. While they are gone, we take pictures of what we are doing with them. We take pictures at restaurants, having long, peaceful meals, pictures walking into movie theaters to see non-cartoon movies, eating ice cream on the couch. The best was the year we took pictures of us playing with their toys! LOVED the story!

  6. You are such a wonderful mom. I think you really do deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while… Maybe not Chuck E. Cheese, although I’m not sure what that is as we don’t have them in Canada. But if kids love it, then it’s definitely not a mommy place. How about a nice spa morning instead?

    • I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to exclude anyone! I thought Chuck E. Cheese was worldwide! Trust me, you’re not missing out on anything! It’s basically a kid pizza place that has games that you can win tickets at and then go redeem them for rubber balls and temporary tattoos! It’s noisy and chaotic! Oh and that is very nice of you to say, I hope someday too that a spa day may be in my future! I’m thinking 4 years from now when I get the last kid off to school!!! LOL!

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