My New Banner

Some of you may have noticed that I recently changed my banner and theme. No need to worry, it’s still the same lady writing. I just wanted a fresh look!

The Fisher Price people and Weebles in my banner are actually my toys that I had as a kid! Since I am celebrating my 37th birthday soon, my guess is that, this puts them at around 35 years old.

My mom reads my blog and I’m sure if I’m not accurate on this statement, she will correct me. The toys could have been my sister or brothers which would add another 10 or so years on them. My mom told me the other day that my post This Is What I Would Give Them was completely inaccurate. First, I had my ages wrong on the pictures I posted and secondly, I could not type at 6 years old. Apparently, I begged for that typewriter for Christmas and they bought it for me. It cost $20, which was very expensive at the time and was a piece of crap. The keys got stuck and when they did work, more often than not, the letters didn’t always reach the paper. We brought it back to the store and I picked out a different toy. So, there you go, take my facts with a grain of salt because accuracy is not my strong suit!

Anyway, I know that I played with these Fisher Price people and Weebles A LOT!!! My mom was kind enough to save these along with many of my other toys and I have since handed them down to my kids to play with.

These are now some of MY kid’s favorite toys!

After, I changed my banner on Saturday, my brother, a clever, creative fellow gave me a great idea! He said I should change my banner from time to time to reflect the different seasons or holidays but to continue using the Fisher Price toys!

So, from now on, you may periodically find my banner changing as my toys pose for different photos! My husband says he may want to feature his Stars Wars figurines he had as a child too! I’m an equal opportunity toy lover so I think this is perfectly acceptable!

Also, I think I am 7 posts away from my 100th post….Look for a different kind of story from me that day…I have something exciting planned!!

Surprises always abound at Motherhood Is An Art!

Have a great day everyone!!


39 responses

  1. Wow! You’re near 100 posts already, that’s wonderful! Can’t wait to see what you’re planning. Also, I love the idea of changing up the toys to correspond with the changing seasons. Super creative as usual! 🙂

    • I really like your new banner and theme!! What’s wrong with it? It looks really professional in my opinion! Was it a free theme or premium? I don’t remember seeing it and tried so many different ones out…it’s such a pain in the butt trying to figure everything out!

  2. We are around the same age — back in the day when kids (we) actually played with toys! No iphones, laptops, youtube, texting…..just good old fashioned fun. *sigh* miss those times!

  3. I meant to tell you I loved the new look the other day. Awesome! You know, I got a typewriter for Xmas one year, too. I was beyond thrilled, but the same thing happened with mine. You’d think with me being 12 years older that technology would’ve had that toy typewriter glitch settled. Boy, how things have changed. I don’t think you can buy a toy typewriter anymore. I’m wondering if they ever perfected them before they became obsolete. Hope you are having a great week. Can’t wait to see the 100th post you have planned. I need to get going on my blog again. I’ve written some but decided against publishing them. I’ve noticed people aren’t all that keen on hearing about God, especially when He is being amazing. It’s okay, He’s continuing to astound me, and I’ll probably inflict my stories again on those who wish to read them sometime soon. It’s all good! Tell Alex and the kids I said Hi! What are they being for Halloween? You saw Isaiah’s costume, Malik is Mario and Quentin is also going as Luigi, (much to Isaiah’s dismay), can’t please everyone. Love ya!

    • Thanks! Cesar sure likes his toy smart phone and computer you got him for his birthday so they may have never got the glitches out on those typewrites but the new toys are working great! You definitely need to be using your writing skills. You are such a better writer than I am! The kids are going as Jasmine, Alladin and Abu (Iris’s idea and the boys were kind enough to oblige!) Love you too!

  4. You had me at Fisher Price Little People. I love it, and the handwritten kid wording. I had those people, too! My mom still has them and the kids play with them on Sundays. I’ve got that winking lady and the red-haired pig tails girl, that rocking horse, the girl with the collar…oh, I am in love.

  5. I look forward to more Weeble poses – your creativity amazes me! My Fisher Price people and Weebles would be somewhere around 40 now (you are such a babe in the woods!) had my brother not buried them or set them on fire…or something like that.

  6. I can’t wait to see pictures! Did you make them homemade? If you did, I am jealous and feel like a loser for getting the store bought kind AGAIN! And you are being way to modest, your writing has far out paced mine and I am so so proud of your success and your talents. I am so happy that you are using your gifts of writing and art. You really inspire people to do better, be better, to find joy and humor in being a mother. This is just the beginning, I predict you will be a famous and much respected author and artist. Mark my words, Melissa, what you are doing is so amazing and special and your message was so needed by weary mothers. I’m a better grandma by way of your blog, seriously….

  7. You know I noticed the the banner and wondered if it was new, but because I’m new to your blog I wasn’t sure and didn not want to make a fool of myself. All that to say I love it!

  8. “Vintage” toys are the best! We have my other half’s teething rattle – ~41 years old – thanks to his Mum, which is now in use with our little girl. And the banner/theme look great

    • Okay, this IS remarkable advice! I like your Grandma’s style! I guess I have always practiced this style in an innocent way! When I found out I lied to the world I could type at 6 years old I felt bad but now I will never feel bad again!! LOL!!

  9. I love the idea of changing up your banner with meaningful childhood toys (btw, I loved my Fisher Price people too! My mom still has them but keeps them at her house for the boys to play with when we come visit.)

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