Halloween Costume Extravaganza

As you are all well aware I’m sure….Halloween is my favorite holiday! A small part of me believes that I had children for the sole purpose of dressing them up every year for Halloween! Children in costume brings out the best in me! Luckily for me, my mom can sew! She has been happy to oblige my requests (ummm…demands?) of cute costumes to outfit my children. Here is the history of my children’s costumes:

This is Iris in 2005. This is the only costume I bought brand new. It is a chili pepper and even though my family loves New Mexico GREEN chili, I still had to have it!!

This is Iris in 2006. My mom made this “Halloween Granny” costume

The next year, Bency was introduced to the family. I made him wear the same chili pepper costume for tradition sake!

Bency in 2007 wearing the same chili pepper costume!

Iris in 2007 wearing the Jester costume my mom made!

In 2008, I wanted Bency to be a Bag of Candy and my mom delivered once again!

This is Iris in 2008 at the age of 3 as a Sunflower. I found the headband at a rummage sale and my mom made her a collar and little cuffs out of sunflower material!

At the age of 4 years old, Iris began dictating her costumes. She also dictated Bency’s costume. The dress she is wearing below was from the thrift store for 25 cents. We really got our money’s worth out of this because she still wears this. In my post here she just wore it out in public this past summer! My mom made the king costume!

Iris and Bency as King and Queen in 2009!

In 2010, Cesar joined our family and got to wear the chili pepper costume too! Iris requested to be a Kitty this year so my mom made her a skirt out of devilish kitty material and her kitty ears are from the store. Bency got to wear the same Jester costume that Iris wore in 2007!

Iris and Bency in 2010 dressed up as a Kitty and the Jester costume makes a return!

Cesar wearing the chili pepper costume in 2010…he didn’t quite fill it out as well the other two kids!!


In 2011, by some sort of miracle I made a costume suggestion and everyone agreed to it! Here are the kids wearing the costumes my mom made for The Three Blind Mice (actually, Cesar refused to be blind).

In 2011, the kids went as the Three Blind Mice

This year, Iris was back in charge. She wanted to be Jasmine and she told her brothers they had to be Alladin and Abu the monkey. They went along with it! Iris’s costume was found at a garage sale years ago. My mom made Bency his pants and hat. I already had a monkey hat (okay, I think it is actually a teddy bear…but use your imagination) for Cesar and the bottom part was found at the thrift store. I tried to dye it a dark brown but it didn’t work (surprise)! My mom made the little vest and hat to complete the costume! So here is my little crew from the story Alladin!

My crew this year!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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  1. All your costumes are so cute … you have lots of imagination! πŸ™‚ Mine is going as Whinnie the Pooh this year and was a penguin last year! πŸ™‚ (I think I will post some pictures of him this year and thinking of having costumes for my 2 puppies as well (not too sure yet!) πŸ™‚

  2. I need to borrow your mom next Halloween. This was my first year really attempting anything homemade and, although it didn’t involve sewing, THANK GOD, it was still kind of a pain!

    I think it’s very cute that the kids got together to dress as a unit this year. I can’t show my daughter the picture of your kids though because she will definitely want to be Jasmine next year and I doubt her big brother would be as cooperative as Bency! haha!

    • I can’t wait to see the Pat and Vanna costumes!! I think that is the coolest idea! And I’ve already seen snippets of your creation so I know it’s good! I still can’t believe Bency is going along with her requests. She must be blackmailing him with something!! LOL!

  3. Bency doesn’t look as “on board” as the other two… In any of his costumes. Let him be a power ranger or something next year, would ya? I may have to come to Wisconsin and borrow Bency. LOL!

    • It’s funny you should notice this! Bency by nature is our more serious child but I particularly love the photo of him in the jester outfit. It looks like he is about ready to stick his jester wand in someone’s eye if they say the wrong thing to him! LOL…thinking of it, he probably did! By all means…borrow away, I think Bency and you would get on swimmingly!!!

  4. aw.. these are soo cute πŸ™‚ I hope my baby can wear costume too this year.. but my husband is kind of KJ(Kill Joy) lols πŸ™‚ I think I should learn how to sew like your mom! So that I can make costume to my son next year! πŸ™‚

  5. They are all wonderful, and remind me of the different gifts we each have–making costumes is not one of mine at this time! I love the idea, and had a great time making a spider costume for L. a few years ago for a school storybook dress-up day…maybe when A. is in school I will have more desire to be craftier! At any rate, your kids look great in each and every one of those. I enjoyed all the pictures and their accompanying stories!

  6. Adorable costumes! I really like your ideas — especially the themed costumes — and your mom is a very talented sewer. I have only been able to get the twins to coordinate costumes twice — when they were babies and had no say in the matter. I tried to get my three to be the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2, but I was rejected every time I suggested it. Sigh.

    • Thank you! I have a feeling my days are numbered with the themed costumes so I’m happy we got a couple out of them anyway!! I love the Cat and the Hat idea….I say keep pushing for it…maybe in their 20’s they’ll finally give in!!! LOL!!

  7. Motherhood is an Art,
    Your kids will thank you one day. These are magnificentβ„’. And they are still too young to understand where their candies disappear to when they are sleeping…….
    Le Clown

  8. Pingback: why can’t we do halloween like our american friends? | desertmum

  9. Great post – love the costumes! Your kids look CUTE!
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve referenced this post in a post of my own about Halloween…if you’re interested, check it out at: http://desertmum1.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/why-cant-we-do-halloween-like-our-american-friends/
    We Brits do Halloween very differently, much more scary and dark, and up till now I haven’t subscribed to it, but I’m inspired by original American Halloween celebrations to give it a different focus and have some fun with it! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much!! I’m very flattered you referenced my post! I had no idea the UK wasn’t too big on the Halloween thing! Someone from Australia told me it wasn’t a big holiday there either!! What a bummer! Everyone’s missing out on so much fun!! LOL!!

  10. ahaha! I so love that chili pepper! (I’m partial to anything round and smooshy). The three blind mice are adorable too.
    You kill me! This year I went to a party dressed as the character on my avatar. Without the bagpipe.

  11. I love your approach to costumes! My husband likes to buy them at the store but I really enjoy putting something together. This year I’m using some a pirate hat and eye patch (from when my boy turned 5 and we had a “pirate party”) and using them to make Mia’s pirate costume this year. When I told my husband that I was looking for a vest at Goodwill or might make one, he suggested buying a costume from the store! I was appalled!

  12. I love all the costumes! I am a big fan of the homemade-pieced-together-thrift-store-costumes. I have a few more shapes to hot glue onto Cody’s warlock cape and some spiders on thread to attach to his and my witch hats and then I think we are ready to go!

    I just may have to look through my old photos and put together a Halloween costume history of my kids post myself. πŸ˜‰

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