I Voted For My Husband

Ironically, today is my 8 year wedding anniversary and the Presidential Election. Just like voting for our next country’s leader is very important; so is choosing your spouse.

Eight years ago today I voted into office my dear husband Alex. I chose him to be the person I would spend the rest of my life with, lead this household and be the father to my children. He has proven to be a good provider, a jack of all trades and the backbone to our family’s happiness. He is a great dad and he is my friend.

As the President of the United States your term can run no longer than eight years.

Thankfully, these rules do not apply to marriage. I choose to extend my husband’s term and re-elect him for a lifetime.

November 6th 2004

45 responses

  1. My 23rd anniversary was Sunday! I’m glad you chose to extend Alex’s term. He definitely seems like a keeper! And I’m sure he feels the same about you!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! According to the Bible, “He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing.” Your hubby is blessed to have you as wife and mother of his children! May you have many more happy anniversaries and remain the best of friends!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you and your husband have each other and seem to be so full of love! No matter what happens in our national election, you have every reason to celebrate today!! Beautiful wedding photo, by the way!

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