It Could Have Been the Worst Birthday Ever

This past week I was busy transferring our videos over to the computer. I came across this one from this past September when we celebrated Cesar’s 2nd birthday. This was definitely a scary mom moment! Thankfully, everything was just fine but proves more than ever NEVER trust a 2 year old!! Now, we will always have the memory of the “almost worst 2nd birthday ever!”

Click on the link below to see:

It Could Have Been the Worst Birthday Ever

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    • This comment really freaks me out…did you just know this random fact off the top of your head or did you spend hours googling to find someone who burnt their hand over an open flame??? Seriously, that’s just weird either way!!! LOL!

      • I did just know this off of the top of my head. Yes. I’m weird. But,you knew that already.

        Sadly, the second I saw him reach for the candle, I immediately thought, “Wow! That kid’s got a little G. Gordon Liddy in him!”, which, at least from where I sit, is not a good thing. Keep a watchful eye on that one (if he begins to demonstrate an interest in eating rats, ya know, for fun, you may just want to cut him loose). LOL!

        Seriously, he’s a cutie pie.

      • I’m covering my mouth to keep from spitting all over…hilarious! I’m for sure finding the nearest farm if the rat feast starts and dumping him off! I kind of knew you had a wealth of knowledge in that head of yours…but this one takes the cake! I’m glad you were able to find an appropriate place to benefit from this tidbit!

  1. One of my biggest fears is fire so even lighting the birthday candles is a feat for me! Somehow kids don’t inherit this respect and fear! I love how all of the other kids thought it was the most hysterical thing while you can see the stress/relief in your face as that is the only reaction a mom can have! haha! I swear kids can keep us on the edge of a heart attack daily! 🙂

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