There’s An 80 Year Old Lady Trapped Inside My Body

I’m quite certain there is an 80 year old woman trapped inside my body. I’ve known this since an early age when my love of butter pecan ice cream, dates and prunes were not a popular favorite amongst other 9 year olds.

I’ve never considered myself “hip” or “cool” and have never gone out of my way to achieve this status.

I have never bought into the newest fads, trends or technology. I wait years to make sure all the glitches are worked out or that the “newest thing” stands the test of time.

I would probably still be using a 35 mm camera had my husband not insisted 5 years ago that I would save a lot of money using a digital camera due to my habit of taking 1000 pictures a month and the amount of money I was spending on developing costs.

I have no fancy gadgets in my kitchen. I still grate everything by hand and if I need chopped nuts …out comes a hammer.

I did a blog post one day for a recipe for carrot cake. My father was flabbergasted that I made mention in my story that I still grate carrots by hand. He insisted my mother buy me a food processor for my next birthday.

I few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday and my mom came with a wrapped present containing my first ever modern gadget….the food processor.

My mind instantly went to a recipe I had seen on 100 Days of Real Food that I thought looked really good, easy, contained dates but…..required a food processor. I had dismissed the recipe because it required a date paste and there was no way I could make this without this modern gadget!

The recipe was for Larabars.

Now if you’ve ever heard of a Larabar I think it means you’re “hip” and “cool.” I think you can only buy these at “cool” places that I never go to. They are wholesome snacks that generate a lot of buzz amongst the healthy crowd. They are expensive. I would NEVER buy these.

Equipped with my new food processor and a recipe containing my beloved dates I could make these and possibly even call myself a little “cool.”

I had the kids help me execute this recipe last weekend. The kids and I were excited to press the buttons and watch our ingredients twirl around in our new toy. It was magical watching it all spin into the gooey paste.

The outcome was a big disappointment to me though. They tasted nothing like dates. The peanut butter in the recipe took charge. My two older children will not eat them because they don’t like the consistency. My youngest son likes them so he has been the receptacle for all of them. He is “cool.”

Here is the recipe I used and more can be found on 100 Days of Real Food’s website:

Ingredients for our Larabars and my new food processor

Date/Peanut Butter Larabar

1 C. dates

½ C. peanut butter

½ C. peanuts (optional: I threw these in to really see what my new food processor could do!)

2 Tbsp. of flax seed (optional)

2 Tbsp. water or more if necessary


  • Put ingredients in food processor and combine until mixture is of paste quality and no longer crumbly
  • Scoop out mixture onto cutting board and work it with hands to get it all formed into one clump
  • Grab small handful and pat into a square in your palms
  • Wrap each square into plastic wrap
  • Can be left at room temperature or stored in refrigerator

Our Larabars

I personally will be using the remainder of my dates to go make a date pie to satisfy the 80 year old woman trapped inside my body!

37 responses

    • That is a very funny question…my husband works for a cellphone company. He can get me any phone I want for free plus a very discounted monthly rate. He surprised me last year with one even though I told him I didn’t need one. I really tried to use it since it’s his industry and all but the thing was too confusing and just too much for me! I’m lucky if I make or get a call once a week! So I had him return it and I’m back to my “old-fashioned” cellphone!!! LOL!

      • I’m relieved you’re not too techno-savvy (and I meant “You’re much hipper” … not “Your” — apparently I need to work on my spelling-savvy) — I can relate!

  1. I too am wary of gadgets at first but I usually do love them once my gadget-freak husband talks me in to trying them.
    I’ve never heard of a Larabar. Does that make un-hip, uncool AND unhealthy?? Ah well…I guess that isn’t really a news flash.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try to make Lara Bars and Kashi Bars and stuff like that. I had to give all that stuff up with our nonexistent money. I don’t own a food processor myself. I would love to have one. I guess I can dream about having one someday!

    I love butter pecan ice cream and prunes too. 🙂

  3. I like technology, but I hate things that are hard to cean! Thats why I still grate by hand, too. Plus we really don’t have room in the kitchen for a food processor. No smart phine here either – I don’t see the point if it…. Besides I would be too afraid of losing it since I lose EVERYTHING!

    • I know what you mean about the cleaning thing…I once had a waffle iron. That thing was horrible to clean. My family was forced to give up waffles!! Now you can only get them if you go to a restaurant or something!!

  4. I haven’t made the leap to food processor yet. I just feel like anything that whirrs that quickly and dices food that fast is too much machine for me. I’ll just use a knife or a grater. 🙂

    And um… prunes aren’t cool? Oh dear…

  5. First of all dates, prunes, and butter pecan ice cream ARE hip! They are the hippest! therefore you are indeed hip. so hip in fact that it comes naturally and you don’t even notice it. I know because I suffer from the same condition. Hippitis. Cheers, looking forward to your next hip snack adventure.

  6. I have never heard of a Larabar so I must not be hip or cool either (oh, well!) It is strange that you mention the 100 days of real food site as I just came across it the other day. I used a recipe from there for cooking a whole chicken in a crock pot and making chicken stock with the remainder.

    Since you are a date lover, perhaps you should make vinatarta if you have not done so already. My mom used to make it every Christmas and it was fantastic!

    By the way, now that you have a food processor I think I may be the last stand alone food processor-less woman in modern day.

  7. Oh how I laughed at this.When my boy was still home his dad and him bought me every Ronco product ever made for every holiday and birthday.Hated them all.I could dehydrate,make malts and then cut my own glasses out of ketchup bottles if I wanted to but I could never get the hang of any of them and they sold really well at my Mom’s garage sales.

  8. Once again, a few more things we have in common! I am so behind when it comes to technology. In fact, I am bit envious that you have a food processor. Might seriously consider asking for one for Christmas. Your Lara bars look so moist and delicious! Guess I have an 80 year old woman locked inside of me too. I have been snacking on dates and prunes for years! 🙂

  9. I love technology, but I score a big zero when it comes to kitchen gadgets. I, too, grate carrots by hand. Plus, I hate cleaning things like a food processor! Messy! Thanks for the recipe – I may try it and see if my dudes like it. 🙂

  10. Haha this is funny! I really admire how you never gave in to conformity and always were your own person; that isn’t easy to do! I’m only 28 but I can still say it’s refreshing to see somebody stick to “old school” ways. My father always talks about how things were better when he was my age, the old school way, etc. and I am starting to agree! A lot of changes I’m seeing are not for the better, so stay who you are, you may just end up being the coolest among us! 😉

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