Me Yoga Girl, You Gym Teacher

My 7 year old daughter, Iris, is a mover and a shaker. She is full of ideas, has a kind heart, is always busy and is constantly trying to change the world.

Yesterday, Iris asked me for several small gift bags.

Apparently, Iris is in full Christmas Spirit mode because she had created gifts for all of her teachers. I asked her if she perhaps thought it was a little early for Christmas present giving but she disagreed. It clearly is never too early to start doling out Christmas cheer according to her.

I had to hide my chuckles when I saw what she came up with.

Personalized cards in the shape of a Christmas tree with a special message on back and each teacher received some of her Halloween candy.

Iris’s homemade Christmas cards


The messages on the back of the cards were the hit of my day:

To: (Mrs. Art Teacher)

Merry Christmas! Thank you for teaching me about lots of art paintings! My favorite thing you teached us is to make portfolios. Did you know the elephant is kind of simple? From Art Girl, Iris

To: (Mrs. Gym Teacher)

Merry Christmas! Thank you for teaching us ALMOST everything! I really like stuff you teach us! From, Gym Girl Iris

To: (Mrs. Librarian)

Merry Christmas! Did you know I love books? Thank you for letting us check out books! From your book lover, Iris

To: (Mr. Gym Teacher)

Merry Christmas! I really like what you teach us in P.E. or gym! Do you know my favorite thing in gym? Yoga!! From Yoga Girl, Iris


Iris said she still has more teachers to give to so she will be working on more throughout the week! I can’t wait what other monikers she gives herself!!



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  1. That is so sweet!!! Mom told me yesterday about Cesar and him knowing his letters and stuff. Oh my gosh, that is so amazing!!! Your kids got all the greatest traits, especially the kindness. I just love that so much!

  2. so sweet that she is making them so personal and all on her own. my 5 year old has started finding random crap around the house to pass on to her poor, unsuspecting teacher. so far she has received “a jewel” from the craft kit, a note that says I love you and rock spray painted silver. Kids are so thoughtful. πŸ™‚

      • luckily this is her teacher’s first year teaching so she actually saved some of the silly little things because she was so touched that a student thought of her. I’m guessing the “treasures” that the kids bring her won’t seem so special much longer! haha!

    • that one kind of made me cringe!! What does that mean?? I think the other gym teacher is Iris’s main gym teacher and the girl gym teacher is for different grades but is probably still around quite a bit for all the classes! I don’t know for sure but yeah, that “ALMOST” nearly made me choke!!

  3. Her teachers are going to LOVE those! I love it when kids want to take the time to make things, especially something that simple and sweet!

    When Ezra was in kindergarten, he wanted to make cards for EVERYONE. I mean even the lunch ladies and the janitor. So we set to work. I got him a foam Christmas tree stamp, and we made cards stamping green paint on them with glitter. Then I let him write a little message inside of each of them. Other than the cat sitting on some of the cards and getting a sparkly green butt, they turned out pretty cute. And everyone was so touched that he thought of them.

    Brynn has been “wrapping presents” for everyone. She takes a box, draws a picture to put in it, and then “wraps” the box with a piece of paper and presents it to the recipient, usually me. I love the fact that we are instilling a spirit of giving in these kids! It makes the holidays so worth it!

    • Thank you very much!! It is nice to see when they do nice things for others and not have to tell them or urge them to do these things!! There’s enough “other” kind of moments that you need a few of these to offset THOSE!!

    • Oh I bet! I like that she includes everyone within the school and not just her regular teacher, whom she also made a card for! I think the people who teach gym and help on the playground don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve!

  4. That is too cute! You know how we’re always saying you’re kids are so cute and wonderful? I think some of that praise needs to go to you. Children learn from us and the sweetness of your children is clearly a reflection of you… a great mom!

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