Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover Or It’s Smell

As I was sitting and reading books to the kids tonight, I smelled a funny odor. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but it wasn’t a delightful smell.

I finally stopped mid-sentence in the middle of the book and asked, “Did someone puke?”

The kids all shook their heads no and wanted to know why I would ask such a preposterous question. I told them about the not so great odor I kept getting whiffs of.

Bency, my 5 year old, then piped up, “Oh, maybe it’s my library book. Sometimes I check out books that smell like puke.”

I brought the book to my nose and sure enough…it smelled like puke.

Then both kids asked to get a whiff as well.

Both kids agreed that the smell was coming from the book.

If this wasn’t enough to cause me a tremendous amount of bewilderment, my 7 year old daughter, Iris chimed in with, “I am really used to that smell. I read a lot and most of my books smell like this.”

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  1. Crap. Now I’ve got to go and smell my kids’ library books. I’ve just got to know if the puke scented library books are just in your neck of the woods or if this is a nationwide isse.

  2. Being a Page myself and working at the library I do in fact know that smell. Also by the way we do have hand sanitizers everywhere lol. But that smell isn’t necessarily puke it’s just an old book smell but if it’s a kid book, who knows?

    • All right! I have an expert at my hands to get to the bottom of this! It was a kid’s book, very new looking…but it had glossy pages! What do you think? Have you noticed a rash of extremely pungent glossy page books flying through the library! I’m crossing my fingers there’s a logical reason for this overly strong smelling book!! LOL!

      • Weeelllllll I have been working there for about 6 months and have yet to here of any puking in the children’s area, however a little girl did pee in TWO computer chairs. Nonetheless no puking. Possibly the library you havembeen to has had some accidents or it’s simply the manufacturing of the book or how you perceive it. I sometimes think my textbooks smell like watermelon. Maybe you should go back to the library and smell some more books.

  3. You know, I can oddly relate to this too. Often times, we check out books from the library and there is such a stinky funk in them. Makes you wonder, huh? Sounds like smelly library books might be a nationwide epidemic!

    • That is just mind boggling that so many people can relate to this…I’m guessing that is how someone came up with the invention of the Nook…perhaps they couldn’t stand the smell of the “real” books they were reading anymore!! LOL!!

    • I’m slightly encouraged that at least it was a topic that he likes. It was called Triceratops. I can only assume though that he bypassed the book Stegosaurus because it smelled too fresh! When he starts bringing home books entitled “How to Dance the Irish Jig” I will be very concerned!!! LOL!!!

  4. Perhaps the library needs to start charging a fee for returning books with a new smell? I mean if you rip a book they’ll nail you. I’d think making a book stink would be just as big an offense.

  5. Oh my! I love the smells of those old library books but never smelled any puke … ah! oh my because of this I will start smelling them when I will go to the library 🙂 ha!ha!ha! Bency is so funny! 🙂

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