Yes Dear, There Really is a Candy Land

Last year while playing a game of Candy Land with my kids, my 6 year old daughter at the time, Iris asked if a place like Candy Land really existed.

My reply was, “Yes!”

I want my children’s minds to be filled with lovely, magical thoughts and dreams and it really wasn’t a lie.

One year, before I had children of my own, I did recreate a Candy Land for my nieces and nephews. My mom and I strung hundreds of pieces of candy from trees in my parent’s backyard. We made signs and hung balloons. Granted, it wasn’t as breathtaking as stepping onto the set of Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but we put forth good effort. I really couldn’t think of a way to recreate that chocolate river!




I fully intend on doing this for my own children as soon as I can find a way to sneak away and thread hundreds of pieces of candy without them knowing about it!

I love making my children’s wishes come true; especially when they are sweet, innocent ones and not ones of material things and are simply experiences they wish to achieve.

Iris brought me this note yesterday and said she was mailing it to Santa:

Letter to Santa

To Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas! I have a question. Can I ride in the sleigh with you on Christmas night? If I can, make sure when I fall asleep I go home.

Thank You!


P.S. Bring Rudolph. I like all the stories of you and him. I have tons of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer books.

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about pulling this one off!

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  1. You re-created Candy Land? Awesome! NOTE TO SELF: Never ever ever let my kids see this blog post because if they do they will immediately petition to be adopted by you. Wait a minute . . . that may not be such a bad idea. Do you have room for four more kids? They are “mostly” house broken.

    • haha!!! I would probably have a thousand more kids if they didn’t require bathing, putting to sleep and feeding. If it was just the fun stuff…So yes, by all means send your kids over, just don’t be surprised if I send them back…dirty, tired and hungry!! LOL!!

  2. Oh! That is so sweet! I love the Candy Lane and the letter to Santa. Do you know anyone with a horse and cart? Get a Santa costume and have Santa tell him that kids aren’t allowed to ride in the real sleigh, but he can give rides on the ground. It’s wonderful that you keep their imaginations so fertile!

  3. I just love your imagination! You actually follow through with all of this wonderful stuff-I get the ideas and never follow through to fruition.

    You should reblog the unicorn post sometime. That was the first blog post of yours that I ever read! I thought of you when I wrote my post about unicorns farting glitter and pooping rainbows. 😀

    • Thank you! Oh yeah, that unicorn day was a fun day! I actually even had another unicorn post early on that I’m going to be linking in with an upcoming post because something happened recently that ties into it. Our whole life seems to be about unicorns! Yesterday, Iris read an article to her class about North Korea recently finding a unicorn lair there. I think it’s just a scam but Iris thoroughly believed it and wanted to share it with her class. Anytime, there’s a way to prove that unicorns are real, she’s on it!

  4. So very creative! It’d be an awesome activity in the house in January (or February or March — you know how winter drags on sometimes!) to play a life-sized Candyland game!

    Does Santa write back to your kids? He has written notes to ours, especially with answers to the burning questions they have. 🙂

    • That WOULD make a great in-house game!
      Well, Santa actually did leave a note last year on Christmas morning after she wrote him one with a lot of “burning questions.” That may be the answer to this solution! Although, Iris and the Tooth Fairy have a had a weekly pen pal thing going for the past year. It just never stops! I’m afraid Santa might be too busy to keep up with what I know Iris will have in store for him! She won’t leave it to one letter she’ll write over and over and expect responses the next day! Oh, I bet it makes Santa tired just thinking of it!!! LOL!!

  5. It’s official – you ARE Super Mom. My kids are not allowed to read your posts and find out how underachieving their mother is.
    Can’t wait to see how Rudolph shows up and your house…..

  6. Another notch in your belt, Melissa! Recreating candyland the second time around should be easy as pie for you. Now, that you have your own kids seems like your creative juices are being multiplied by the minute. Love Iris’ letter too. I think it’s wonderful that you foster her imagination!

    • Thanks Anka! Yes, having the kids certainly did get the creative juices flowing in ways I didn’t even expect! Before kids, I used to do a lot more stuff in the way of refinishing and repurposing furniture but all of that has been put on the back burner until they get a bit older and I have more time! All this kiddie stuff is fun too!

  7. Very awesome…” I love to make my childrens wishes come true ” Yes, yes we all do ! What a lovely little letter your daughter came up with… and good job ‘Mom’…that she has such an imaginative wish !

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