The Wish Catcher

As I mentioned before, I am a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter’s Brownie troop. This week we wanted to do a Christmas craft. Seeing as we are a new troop and don’t have any money yet it had to be something not only simple that this 7-8 year old age group could do but more importantly not cost a lot of money.

Two weekends ago, I went to an estate sale and bought a huge bag (about 40 unopened rolls) of crochet thread for $1.50. I put my mind to work to somehow utilize this in our Girl Scout craft and this is what I came up with:

The Wish Catcher

The Wish Catcher

After I made one it dawned on me that it resembled a dream catcher so I decided to name this the Wish Catcher.

I turned to my sister who is an amazing poet and asked her come up with poem to include with the ornament. This is what she wrote for me:

Make a special Christmas wish, as you hang me on your tree. I will catch your wish and send it out to the Christmas Wish Fairy. So close your eyes and wish away on Jesus’s Birthday each year and just BELIEVE it will come true sometime in your Happy New Year!


  • Heavy paper or card stock (I used brown paper grocery bag)
  • Glue
  • Crochet thread or any thick string
  • Glitter & sequins optional


  • I traced an oatmeal container on my piece of paper for the circle (you will need two for one ornament)
  • Next, I traced a smaller bowl in the middle of each circle
  • Cut out the middle so you are left with the shape of a wreath
  • Line glue around your circle
  • Begin laying your thread in different directions
  • Once this step is complete glue your other circle and place on top to seal this together
  • Decorate with glitter and sequins
  • Punch hole and add string hanger
  • Make your wish

33 responses

  1. Love that you put your own spin on a Dream Catcher. Your sister’s poem was also beautiful. It’s nice to hear a Christmas greeting that says, “Jesus’ Birthday.” It easy to get caught up in the commercialism of this Holiday. I try to remind myself and my children what the season is really about! 🙂

    • Thanks! The girls were so sweet when they made it yesterday. We went around the room and they made their wishes. The wishes were about their families always being safe and healthy and things like that. Extremely touching coming from the little ones!

    • The girls had so much fun and loved making the designs plus their wishes were awesome! We went around the room and they all had special wishes about their family always being safe and healthy. It was so sweet! For the snack I gave them all a wooden skewer, three banana chunks, an apple wedge, some chocolate chips and two pretzel sticks and they made snowman on a stick! Iris said that was her favorite part of the meeting!

    • My Girl Scouts had a lot of fun with it! They were so excited about how by just layering on the string it created a design! And yes, the glitter was a big hit! I think all girls young and old just love the extra sparkly!!! LOL!!

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