Viva Gordita

Santa brought my 7 year old daughter, Iris a puppy this Christmas.

She was desperately hoping for a puppy. She talked about it all month long. Even though I told her I wasn’t ready for a puppy as I already had my hands full, she still held out hope that Santa would override my wishes.

Santa did indeed come through, and Iris got that puppy.

Iris's new puppy

Iris’s new puppy

I believe Santa bought this puppy at our local thrift store for 25 cents. It was supposed to be a joke. When Iris looked in her stocking and pulled it out, we all shouted, “Oh wow, look at that, Santa really did bring you a puppy this year!”

Instead of the look of disgust I was expecting, Iris’s eyes actually lit up. Her mouth turned up at the corners and she exclaimed, “This is awesome! I love Chihuahuas! He even has a beret on!”

Iris received many great gifts for Christmas. Santa knew about her love for music and singing and brought her a karaoke machine. This was new, in a box and I’m sure cost Santa more than 25 cents. My husband and I bought her a new doll and lots of other little things.

Iris liked all of her presents but as the day wore on it became clear that her “new puppy” was her favorite. She carried it around everywhere and wouldn’t stop talking about it. As an added bonus, when you squeeze the puppy’s belly it says, “Viva Gordita.”

Our Christmas day was filled with many renditions of Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae courtesy of Iris’s karaoke machine and in between …the house echoed “Viva Gordita” all day long.

I’m sure Santa was unaware about this added bonus because clearly what was supposed to be a joke for Iris became a joke on me.

When I laid down to go to sleep last night, even though the puppy was tucked under Iris’s arm in her bed, I could hear  a dog with a Mexican accent saying “Viva Gordita” over and over.

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  1. What a Great Feeling, and a happy ending. Receiving what you want, or need is such a Great Feeling. Great Post, and thank you for sharing it. I love that doll, she is so fashionable. Mtetar

    • Oh my goodness…so much easier!! I can live with a little “Viva Gordita” over pricey vet visits and dog food….not to mention the training and clean up a new puppy requires! Makes me tired just thinking of it!!!

  2. How cute – and yes if you’re not ready for a real puppy buying at Christmas time can be a big mistake. I am so glad she was so happy about your (Santa’s choice) and how your heart would have melted seeing her cuddle it in bed 🙂

    • Oh that’s funny! I am certainly glad her puppy doesn’t fake yap or moves around on the floor hitting walls and then tips over while it’s legs stick up in the air still running! I can live with a little “Viva Gordita!” Thanks for the follow and I will definitely be checking out your blog as well when I get a chance!!! Melissa

      • Haha, no puppies, live or stuffed, here! Let’s see–L has been really enjoying a journal, writing what he’s been up to as well as some great poems (he even said I have permission to “publish” them here)…little A has been enjoying some “Fancy Nancy” books. The whole family had fun with several cans of brand new Play-Doh and a box of pieces of wood for making marble “roller coasters”. We still have gifts to open from some of my relatives…it’s a bit overwhelming. 🙂

      • Oh, I can’t wait to see the poems! Iris got a new diary too that she has been filling up! Perhaps we will have future bloggers on our hands!! My son has been coveting those marble roller coasters. They have one at our dentist office. I’ve actually never seen them in stores…I’ll have to be on the lookout for next year!

  3. Be careful friend.I heard from a reliable source those dogs can come to life if they are loved too much.On the brighter side isn’t it great to know Iris is learning such nice compliments in Spanish! Happy New Year

    • You crack me up so much with your comments!!! Oh we know all too well about the loving too much and coming to life…the teddy bear she has had since she was a baby recently lost an ear. She’s sure any day now that thing is coming to life. And as for the nice Spanish compliments it does make me proud that it is a educational toy as well!! Happy New Year to you too funny lady!!

  4. Santa is brilliant. The whole chihuahua representing a fast food place has given me the creeps for years. I am so excited to learn that something good came from that particular ad campaign.

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