Hide the Bee

With the kids out of school this week and winter break in full swing you may be surprised as to what we have been playing.

Under our Christmas tree was many boxes filled with games and toys and though they have been dabbled in we have spent hours upon hours doing something else.

It started a little over a week ago when I was cleaning out our game cupboard and came upon this:


We have had this bee since my 7 year old daughter, Iris was 2 years old. I don’t remember where it came from….a gumball machine, I guess.

Many toys have come and gone in our household in the last 7 years. Broken, lost or just grown tired of but here sits this 2 inch bee, safe and sound… a true head scratcher and a slight jaw dropper if you ask me.

What is the significance of this silly little plastic bee you may ask?

When Iris was 2 year old I would hide this little bee in different places in the living room while she closed her eyes. She would have to come find it. A hide and seek of sorts with this little bee. This game could go on for hours with her never getting sick of it.

When my next child Bency came along all three of us would play this.

Bency is 5 years old now and we haven’t played “Hide the Bee” in a couple of years. It was replaced with the kids turning their attention to Legos, puzzles and Barbies.

When I found it the other day in the game cupboard, I immediately stopped organizing and introduced my 2 year old, Cesar to the game of “Hide the Bee.”

He was in stitches finding the bee sitting in a dish on the shelf and then later resting on a pillow on the couch. Cesar’s eye closing skills were not good…he kept peeking. When he found the bee really quick after it had been placed among a pile of toys I knew he was cheating and he got banished to another room completely to wait while I hid the bee from then on.

Cesar cheats!

Cesar cheats!

When the older kids came home from school that day they were astonished we were playing “Hide the Bee” and immediately wanted to join in. They remembered it well and said it was always one of their favorite games.

And since that day, the four of us have played hours upon hours of this simple little game.

Of course you don’t need a “bee” to play this game but I’m glad we never lost it. It’s a sweet reminder of the simplicity of childhood.

It’s a good thing we never played the game of “Find Mommy’s Sanity” because that was lost years ago and I’m sure will never be seen again.

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  1. Motherhood is an art indeed! My children have nearly made the transition from teenagers to real human beings; I just have to stick it out a little while longer! I enjoyed your blog and read several entries. I will follow it too. Nice to see another mother blogging about motherhood.

    • Thank you so much Hilda! It seems so far off that I will be seeing my kids turn into real human beings but I’m well aware it happens quicker than we expect! I have to chronicle all of these fun moments now before we get into the REALLY FUN stuff!!! haha!!! Thanks for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it!

  2. That’s great! I also find that some of the best entertainment for the kids comes from the simple games like hide and seek, freeze dance etc. These school break days are long!!!

    • It’s pretty hard making the transition to the holiday break than it is to summer vacation for me. They are long yet not long enough to get into a routine of things! I definitely have to break out the freeze dance…we haven’t played that in months and it’s a favorite with all of the kids!

  3. Sometimes these games or books seem to come up that have not been used for a while, and they have a second life. Of course, then you can’t get rid of it for a while and the house gets even more cluttered, but that’s another story.

    • Oh don’t even get me started on the clutter! That’s obviously why I was trying to sort out the game cupboard and it was overwhelming…I guess I just used the excuse to play “Hide the Bee” instead of dealing with it!!!

  4. Now that is one cute little dude! I love your Find The Bee Game.It is funny how the simplest things are always the most fun.That’s how kids are,it’s not the game,it’s the time you spend with them that is sooooo much fun.

  5. it happens here too, I hide toys for weeks because he has too many and he doesn’t pay attention to them anymore. Once I take them out again ; he gets so happy and there you go, the old toy gets a second life, kids are so simple and sweet , they don’t need much to be happy! 🙂 btw, me too I have lost all my sanity a while ago ; maybe 19 months ago 😉

    • haha!! Yes, that seems about right that your sanity was lost 19 months ago! I swear once we have these kids it’s amazing we are still functioning human beings with all the stuff to do taking care of these little ones!!

  6. I love this game, would be great for sleepover, play day, out in the yard on a good weather day, and so much more. It keeps them busy. Cesar, I like your style, lol. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. Kind regards. Mtetar

  7. I’m with you, Melissa! If I had to play the game help find “Mommy’s Sanity” it would be over quickly. The reason, quite simply because there IS nothing to find. My peace of mind left seven years ago when I had kids! 🙂

  8. What a great game! Love that all three kids enjoyed it and that it’s become a favorite game and memory. And isn’t it funny how some toys weather childhood better than others? I’ll never figure out why one stuffed animal made the cut as a “lovey” over all other choices.

    • That truly is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe! My kids have been given some of the most adorable teddy bears that I have ever seen and yet they are attached to the more shabby, plain looking ones! I don’t get it!!

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