What Are Wisconsin Children Made Of?

When you’re from Wisconsin like my family is, you have to have some thick blood. The winters here are long and cold. People here are well versed on driving on icy roads and having fun in the snow. A blizzard doesn’t scare us and school closings are few and far between. We are tough.

I shouldn’t actually lump us all together. I used to be tough. I could stay outside for hours upon end playing in the below 0 degree weather when I was a kid. After many years of extended outings and near frost bite several times; my feet and hands ache if I spend more than 15 minutes out in the conditions. I tend to stay home when the roads are bad after so many spin outs in my lifetime (I almost always got them under control though because I am a Wisconsinite after all) to keep the kids and I out of harm’s way.

My kids have proven this year that their blood is getting thicker. In years past I would send them outside and 10 minutes later they would be back in, dragging snow all over the house and requesting hot chocolate immediately to warm them up. I thought I had produced wimps and that they had their Dad’s New Mexican blood coursing through their veins instead of mine.

Last week, Iris and Bency built snowmen outside for 1 ½ hours. I gave them their leftover Halloween candy and they decorated their snowmen with Starburst eyes, Whopper mouths and whatever else they could find.

Iris and Bency outside building snowmen

Iris and Bency outside building snowmen

The other day I took my kids and nieces sledding at my parent’s house. Everyone stayed out playing except for me and Cesar. I was cold after 15 minutes and Cesar’s face got dragged down the length of the hill when he wasn’t quite on the sled all the way when it started traveling downhill. He called it quits right after that.

All of the kids going sledding at Grandma's

All of the kids going sledding at Grandma’s

My two older kids really earned their Wisconsin wings yesterday. They were outside for 2 hours and Iris only came in once to ask me for a plastic bowl and piece of paper.

Apparently after reading a book called Snow Babies they were inspired to build a fort for snow babies in our yard. Snow babies are similar to fairies but only live in the….snow. They made a sign that said, “All Snow babies Welcome! If you come inside, please put some coins in the bowl.”

The Snow Baby fort

The Snow Baby fort

And if the fort wasn’t enough for the snow babies they also built a wall around the perimeter of the yard to keep out the “Snow Baby Monster” (the Snow Baby Monster was completely made up by them because there are no monsters in the book we read).

The Walls of Safety

The Walls of Safety

In addition, Iris made booby traps (her words) out of icicles to fortify the safety of the snow babies. She said the Snow Monster would slip on the icicles that were placed strategically at different entrance points around the wall.

Iris building a booby trap

Iris building a booby trap

So yes, my children have finally got that thick Wisconsin blood. Snow and below 0 degree temperatures will not get in their way of having fun…until they get old like me and a warm heated house, blanket and a good book is equally exciting!

Iris and Bency

Iris and Bency

52 responses

  1. This brings fond memories for me, and a wish that my kids could enjoy that kind of weather once in a while! My son has been pouting occasion that he “will never get to play in the snow”. I have tried to look up where I might find snow in the South and every place is at least an 8 hour drive!

  2. I totally relate to this, living in Sweden and all. I think my little boy has his dad’s Viking blood as he loves being outside no matter what the weather and is always warm ;)! Lovely photos of Iris and Bency! 🙂

  3. Wow! they look as if they had fun in the snow, I love, love snow too! when I was a kid I used to spend hours playing outside but I used to get so sick after 🙂 & Now look at me, I’m always cold and can’t spend too much time outside, btw last Thursday I spent 3 hours outside shovelling and I now have a small flu 🙂 ha!ha! We had a huge snow storm and it looks beautiful outside, we are in Montreal and I think it gets as cold as you guys in Wisconsin 🙂 Hope you guys will have a very Happy New Year, wish you and your family the best ! xxx

  4. Great POST!!! Working with children as a Nanny, Childcare Provider, and as a Grandparent, that is one fun outdoor activity children enjoy. We got a little snow yesterday, but not enough for such fun as you all did. I’m sure we are going to get our share to be able to have such fun. Thanks for the idea of leftover candies for a Snowman, Snowboy, Snowgirl, or Snowwoman. Those candies would make a nice Candy Castle, and so much more. Thanks to the children for wanting to have such fun for a Great Post. Be Blessed, Mtetar

    • Thank you Mtetar! I’m glad they are finally at the age where being outside is so much fun! The candy decorations were definitely a hit and from now on I’ll make sure to have candy set aside just for that reason…so much better than them actually eating it all!!! Have a wonderful New Year! Melissa

      • Save the the leftover Easter Candy also. Now we have something different besides Carrot Nose, Twig Arms, Buttons, etc. Have a Blessed New Year, and each day thereafter. Kind regards to the children, and hubby. Mtetar

  5. Great post. What a different world. I am 43 and have never seen snow in real life. Here in South Africa we have to protect the children from sunburn when they play outside. My children are late teens already and I still have to remind them to put sun protection on when going outside. It’s lovely to see there are children that can still play outside and invent monsters instead of just sitting in front of the tv monster. Well done Mom!

      • Well dear, don’t move here. I don’t think you will handle the heat. The past few days we have been over the 100 degrees F…. Sweltering I tell you! On the other hand, I will surely die in that cold. LOL

    • I forgot that you lived in Florida! For some reason I was thinking you were in the Midwest too! So yes, we are living the same life in that fact that all of our kids are the same age but you don’t have the added joy of everyone getting suited up in snow pants and your house being demolished as they come in and track snow all over! You’re really missing out!!

    • Keep trying! My kids were weenies before! Actually last year Iris wanted to stay out longer but Bency didn’t, so she would come in too because it’s no fun if you don’t have someone with you freezing your butt off too!

  6. It is so great you kids have such a great time playing in the snow. I am a snow wuss, I just hate being cold and wet.
    I sure hope those Snow Babies got a couple coins in their basket. 😉

    • To take the pictures of the kids I just had to stand on our covered porch. In order to go put coins in the bowl, I am going to have to put on boots and go trudging through the snow….okay, okay…..I will go do it!!!! What we won’t do for our kids, right?!!

      • Incidentally, I “met” our husband last night. Love, love, love his stuff! Thanks for sharing his blog on your blog. You’re a better woman than I am. Fang? He’d be on his own. LOL!

      • Yeah, he mentioned you had stopped by his blog! He told me he absolutely loves your blog and was really impressed with your writing! It’s pretty interesting reading his writing because I had a little inclination that he had deep thoughts but it’s more profound in his writing. He’s more of grunter at home or has a glazed over look in his eyes when I talk to him!

    • haha! It’s always so funny to us cold blooded folks when we travel to “warm” states and see people in winter coats when it’s 60 degrees and we are in t-shirts and shorts! Here in the Spring, when it hits 45 degrees it’s not uncommon for people to wear shorts…but even I think that is weird!

  7. Too much fun! Kind of makes me sad that my kids no longer want to go out and play in the snow. They still don’t mind the cold but they aren’t interested in snowmen any longer. I too am like you – 15 minutes and I’m done. I swear my inner thermostat broke on my 40th birthday…..

  8. I hear you! Living in Montreal all my life, it seems like the winters are getting colder… Or is it just me getting older? I am so ready to move to New Mexico or Arizona. Have never been but the dry heat really does appeal to me. Unfortunately, my daughters have my parent’s southern Italian blood and are kind of wimpy like me! We had 47 cm of snow last Thursday (19 inches) and I am done with winter!!!

  9. We are from Michigan and my grandkids are building snow forts and sledding too.They also got their swimsuits on and went to Slash Village so they got the cold and the warm.I hope Collin doesn’t go to Wisconsin because your Snowman will be faceless.

  10. Another great post. Formally a Massachusetts girl myself, I miss snow !!!! Such great pics from you. Happy New Year ….. to you, your family, and your husbands new blog !! 🙂 (cyber new year hug) Ellie

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