This Boy is Creepy

My 7 year old daughter’s room was becoming overrun with toys, papers and other things she has been hoarding. With the influx of new toys this past Christmas I told her we needed to go through her room and downsize. I went around her room and held up one item at a time and asked if we could keep it or get rid of it.

My 5 year old son Bency witnessed us doing this and although he is somewhat of a neat freak and keeps his room extremely tidy he thought this looked like fun and wanted me to join him in his room and do the same thing.

We both went and looked around his room and knew there was nothing there he would be willing to part with but then he thought for a minute and quickly ran and got a decoration off of his dresser.

He said “I definitely want to get rid of this! He stares at me all the time and it’s really creeping me out.”

Big Boy

Big Boy

I was shocked! I was floored! I just couldn’t believe it! My sweet Big Boy that I rescued from a garage sale 20 years ago for 25 cents. The symbol of a beloved restaurant franchise that went out of business in our town when I was in elementary school.

How could this cute little plastic boy be creepy?

Wait…why is he smiling? He does look like he’s up to something. Is he plotting a scheme? Why is he looking at me? Quit looking at me Big Boy!

Okay, Bency’s right. He is kind of creepy!

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    • Well I have tried that in the past and my daughter has started searching frantically for her word search book that looked to me like it was all filled in but apparently she was using it for something else even though it was all done. (me shaking my head). Now it’s just easier to work with her and see if we can downsize on a few things gradually with a lot of coaxing from me!!

  1. I always thought he was creepy. It is as if he is thinking, “Yes, I spit in you food. What are you going to do about it?”
    Did Bency mention that Big Boy talks to him?

      • Poor Bency. Incidentally, or ironically???? I was AT a Big Boy today and guess what was lining the shelf behind the counter???

        That EXACT Big Boy but in newer colors! I kind of got weirded out by his stare…… So many of them….. Just staring…..

      • There was ALSO an article on MSN saying it was one of the ten chains going down in sales and likely out. They listed all the closings for the chains in the story. Lots of closings. But this one was newly remodeled. Odd how I never would have noticed any of this if not for your blog. 🙂

  2. Definitely creepy! He kind of reminds me of Chucky… A wanna-be Chucky. Both my girls are hoarders. Unfortunately, they learn this from their mother…I can’t get rid of anything! I’m very sentimental and nostalgic and I think I have turned Charlotte, my 12 year-old, into a mini-me! Emma, who is 9, really doesn’t care either way.

    • I know my daughter is just like me as well! I am very sentimental as well and hate throwing anything away because it might have a purpose for later but I kind of want to be the only hoarder in the house!!! It’s just getting too full!!!

  3. My first job was waitressing at the Big Boy in West De Pere. Don’t get rid of Big Boy, give him to me to memorialize my “big break” into the hospitality industry!! LOL! My career path was carved by the footsteps of good ol’ Big Boy…

    • I forgot about that! The biggest thing I remember about Big Boy was when Dad would bring home buckets of fish and chips after work on Fridays! It was always such a big treat!! I think I only actually ate at Big Boy a handful of times!

  4. I have tried downsizing the boys’ things with their help but they never want to get rid of anything! I don’t like doing it when they are not around, it is their toys afterall, but I do toss the broken and forgotten.

    And yeah, Big Boy is rather creepy…

    • Iris is extremely sentimental plus she is always doing projects! I have thrown out a few things that have sent her into a tizzy because she had plans for it! Recently I found a pile of candy wrappers in her room and threw them out! Apparently she was trying to save up a bunch of them to do an art project! I hate getting in the way of creativity!

      • Hahahaha – this make me crack up. The boys have a pile of those random and annoying advertisement cards that come in magazines trying to get you to buy more subscriptions. I have no idea what they are planning to do with them but they guard them like they are candy (or something really worth guarding.)

  5. Too funny. I have to agree with Bency here – plastic staring guys are creepy. I commiserate in your downsizing efforts – we are neck deep at my house. I think my kids are afraid I’ll be getting rid of them next….

  6. Big Boy! For better or for worse, they are still around in some remote locales. I just like the milkshakes and the hot fudge cake sundae thing. Also, I may still own one of these babies–always kept it out of staring range.

      • I can imagine! Isn’t it funny how some things don’t seem at all creepy or strange until something gives you a reason to look at it with a new perspective? I didn’t realize how creepy my stuffed blue puppy I had since I was little looked until my mom gave it back to me when she moved a few years back (it had been living in storage before that). When I was a kid that was the most loving, affectionate expression. Now he just looks like a toy from some Tim Burton kids’ movie!

  7. My dudes want to save everything! I have tried the “let’s give some toys away to children who need them” and I am met with, “Not now, Mom.” I think you need to eBay the Big Boy – he may be worth a lot more than a quarter now! 🙂

  8. That is hilarious. I can see where he might think it’s a bit creepy. I wouldn’t want Big Boy staring at me if I woke up in the middle of the night. I’ve been to a few Big Boys over the years. A fun diner. Maybe you could put him in a closet and scare a visitor who might hang up a jacket – there’s Big Boy welcoming him! I say this in jest, of course. Why would we want to scare our visitors? Depends who they are.

  9. I agree he’s creepy! I mean, he doesn’t make me want to go in and dine, put it that way…

    So I guess it’s in YOUR room now, hey? 🙂

    • haha!!! Crazily enough it sat on my computer desk for about a week and then my son came to me and requested it back. He said he was missing it!! So now it’s back in his room! I guess having creepy eyes looking at you is more comforting than he thought!!

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