It’s Against the Law If You Are Not a Packer Fan


If you grow up in Wisconsin like my children and myself have it’s nearly against the law if you are not a Green Bay Packer fan. My husband is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and as much as he would like to lure our children to his side it is clear that I have won!

This is what happens when you grow up in Wisconsin:

Iris & Bency 2007

You have to start out young wearing Packer clothes


Dad messes up your haircut and you have to wear a Packer shirt

Dad messes up your haircut and you have to wear a Packer shirt

You get a black eye that your Mom wants to take a picture of and you just happen to be wearing a Packer coat

You get a black eye that your Mom wants to take a picture of and you just happen to be wearing a Packer coat

You have to play games wearing Packer clothes

You have to play games wearing Packer clothes

You have to decorate cookies wearing Packer clothes

You have to decorate cookies wearing Packer clothes

They have Packer Days at school!

They have Packer Days at school!


Even as a baby you are envious of your older brother's Packer clothes!

Even as a baby you are envious of your older brother’s Packer clothes!


You get mad when the Packers lose!

You're happy when the Packers win!

You’re happy when the Packers win!

It makes you nervous to watch them sometimes!

It makes you nervous to watch them sometimes!

Sometimes they make you crazy!

Sometimes they make you crazy!

You get to attend awesome free kid's events at the stadium!

You get to attend awesome free kid’s events at the stadium!


You get to go to a Packer game during Family Night!

You get to go to a Packer game during Family Night!




And if the Packers head to the Super Bowl, your school does a mob dance to send to the Packers! My daughter got to participate 2 years ago in this when the Packers went to the Super Bowl!

Go Pack Go!!!!












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  1. Yup, that is how it goes here! You make special game day snacks, you wear your nice clothes to church every Sunday then get home, tear them off and throw on your jersey . . . your parents refuse to leave the house during a game, so don’t get hurt because they won’t take you for stitches until the game is over! (not really)

    • You know, we have never done it and I personally don’t know anyone who has either! Just what I see on news coverage, the people who do it say it’s fun and the same people continue to go back over and over. They get paid a little money and I think you get assigned a row and then there is chutes that you put it on so you’re not going up and down the stairs!

  2. I had a little boy in my preschool classroom once whose parents were from Wisconsin and were such Packers fans that they named him Brett. HA HA! I wonder what they thought when he wasn’t a Packer anymore!

    I really think Iowa misses out for not having a pro football team. It really would be the perfect storm-Iowans love their football, after all. Here you are either for Iowa State or Iowa, since we don’t have pro football. We do have the arena football team, the Barnstormers. Travis and Ezra went to see a game last year, and I understand it was a blast!

    • Oh, there is lots of tween/teenage Bretts running around here! Yeah, Favre doesn’t have such a good name around here anymore so I wonder what it’s like being his namesake now!
      I’ve only been to 3 or 4 Packer games and they are CRAZY and a ton of fun! Even the Family Fun night which is just a scrimmage was packed and a lot of fun! I love that name…The Barnstormers!!!! haha!!!

  3. Love it! Go Pack Go! Though I am a cheesehead through and through, I did live in Pittsburgh for a few years, and the Steeler fans are pretty hard core too! I liked watching the Bus and Polamalu, but the Packers are ALWAYS my #1 team.

    • Absolutely Anka!! We appreciate support anyway we can get it! I am not much into watching sports either but this time of year you don’t have much of a choice…it would be sacrilegious not to have the Packer game on!!

  4. That’s us and the New Orleans Saints! Although I grew up in San Diego and was a Charger fan, my husband made it clear his children would not be! Our team is out of it this time…so you’ll have our support!

    • Thank you! For some reason every time I watch that video I get all teary eyed. The video didn’t do it justice of how cool it was! All these tiny kids learning a routine in one day and performing it…It was just so amazing seeing it in person!

  5. So excited for tomorrow! My husband it a Buffalo Bills Fan, which means he is disappointment by week 4 of the season. When the kids were little, we had them crawl to either a Packers helmet or a Bills helmet. Both crawled to the Packers helmet…smart kids. Then my son decided 5 years ago that he was a Dallas Cowboys Fan and asked for a Tony Romo jersey. I almost had to disown him!

    • Oh, I love the helmet deal!!! In Kindergarten, my daughter became more aware that there was a lot of different football teams. She asked if there was a unicorn team and I said no but told her all the different team names. She then declared she was a Bear fan (I guess it was the next best thing since there wasn’t a unicorn team). She still tells people that the Bears is her second favorite team…it’s just not right!!!!

  6. Love this. This is so us and the Seminoles! Living in Tallahassee and having 2 parents that went to FSU, there’s just no escaping the ‘Nole gear! 🙂 I have actually saved every salvageable article of clothing that they have worn over the year which says Seminoles or FSU on it so they can hand them down to their kids (actually writing that down makes me seem a little crazy – hmmm). And, they now go to the charter school which is run through the University so they are already official Seminoles! Score! 🙂 I may be inspired to do a post like this because this post was so fun and I can totally relate!

  7. I wish we could have our own sports stuff around here. Okay, so we wouldn’t have any football regalia. We’re definitely not Cowboys fans, nor are we big on Longhorns, though I guess that makes us really stand out in Texas. We’re Red Sox fans and Boston Bruins, of course!

    • haha!!! That’s great! My husband owns a lot of Steeler memorabilia and it finally got him motivated to finish our basement this past summer so he would have a place to display it all….you just can’t have Steeler stuff around your living room in Packer country!!!

      • heh, that’s right there with someone giving s a Yankees onesie for the baby. Yankees stuff has no place in a Red Sox house! It just can’t happen! I’m just glad my boyfriend is not a sports fan! It makes my life easier. No competition that way.

  8. Wow,you just made my day.I have been sick and I needed this.My stepdad Ward was from Wisconson and the biggest Packer fan I ever saw.He would have his daughter tape all of the games and send them to him here in Michigan.He won’t be here this year but he will be in spirit.He would have loved that school mob dance.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been sick…hope you’re feeling better. That is complete dedication to have to get your games via mail to watch them! I’m sure he’s looking down and a little disappointed that the Packers didn’t do so well last night and won’t be going to the Superbowl this year but I’m hoping he can pull some strings for next year!!! Watching that mob dance is equivalent to listening to the National Anthem for me…both fill me with such pride for my country and my town!

  9. Ok, that was great! And I am a born and raised Bears fan! Yes, we Bears fans were cheering for the Pack two weeks ago. Sorry for your loss…. really, really sorry.

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