Getting Some Real Mail

My 7 year old daughter, Iris loves to write letters. She’s kept a steady correspondence with the Tooth Fairy over the past couple of years who exchange their letters through her tooth fairy pouch she keeps on her doorknob.

Her latest letter:

Letter to Tooth fairy

To Tooth Fairy,

My tooth fairy pouch broke, so I put it next to my bed. Can you ring the bells to wake me up (only on a school night) so we can think of things to fix my pouch?


P.S. Am I a fairy?

P.S.S. Did Jack Frost take all the snow animals?


Recently, Valerie over at Atlantamomofthree did a postcard exchange which I participated in because I knew my kids would love getting some “real” mail.

When we received our postcard, letters and some stickers the kids were so excited. They loved looking at the pictures on the postcard, they loved learning about another family and of course getting some fun stickers in the mail was an extra bonus.

Postcard from Valerie and her family

Postcard from Valerie and her family

My 5 year old son, Bency fell asleep last night clutching his sheets of stickers.

There is definitely something special about receiving something in your mailbox or I guess your tooth fairy pouch that just can’t be replaced with an email. You get to hold those pieces of paper containing the words that someone wrote especially for you. They gave you a piece of them that you will have forever.

Thank you Valerie and family!!


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48 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. I love receiving letters in the mail, and of course a package. It can sometimes be a surprise, but sure makes your day. Have a Blessed Day, Mtetar

  2. Aw, Iris is so precious! I love her use of imagination. Has she ever asked you if she’s a fairy? Or, is that question only reserved for the “real” tooth fairy?

    • Oh no, she has never asked me! I just discovered this note in her pouch today and just about died laughing! She also didn’t ask me to help her fix her pouch! Apparently I’m chopped liver compared to the Tooth Fairy!!!

  3. You’re never too old for a piece of unexpected mail to Cher you up. I got something from my sister-in-law yesterday hat had that effect on me. I didn’t go to sleep clutching it, of course, but I kind of wanted to!

  4. Ah the days of receiving mail hand written (letters) have been long forgotten. We receive only bills in envelopes or possibly the occasional card. Mum still writes to friends because she has never touched a computer in her life and at 83 she isn’t about to start.
    Precious Iris and Bency, unless we make an effort especially the younger generation to keep writing it may very well be a thing of the past. What a lovely idea that was to send postcards. Psst Tell Iris it’s really really hot in Australia and that’s where the snow animals went… Jack Frost 🙂

  5. Oh my word – could your kids get any cuter?! I love her imagination and stick-to-it-ivness. (Is that a word? Guess it is now!) Can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy suggests to fix the pouch! 🙂

    • I noticed that the Tooth Fairy slipped a reply note into her pouch and FIXED the pouch while Iris was at school today!!! I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t ask her own mother to fix the pouch instead of turning to the Tooth Fairy first!!

  6. I send my grandkids those cards that make music all the time and it drives their mother nuts.Seems they just keep rereading opening and closing the card until she thinks she is going deaf.It causes much laughter and dancing.I love the mail because I don’t even have to go over there to have fun.

  7. So cool. Olivia is turning 5 in a couple of weeks. We’ve been practicing writing. I’d love for her to write letters to someone, maybe her cousin, anyone. I love the tooth fairy letter!

  8. I know about kids and loving to get letters. My kids love getting letters too! Corde got a letter not to long ago from a friend of mine from high school that included some cards she could put up in stores (encouraging my little activist! It’s about Hartz animal products and their safety. Corde loved it!) My aunt is going to be sending her a letter soon too. We’re trying to get her hooked up with plenty of people to write to. If your kids would ever be interested in doing a letter exchange or having a pen pal in Texas, let me know! I know my kids would definitely love it too!

  9. Sweet letter. And great idea with the mail for the kids. I remember once Emma telling me she was going to wait up all night for the tooth fairy. She wanted to clip her wings so she could sty with her forever. Not sure if that’s sweet or scary…

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