Are You in the Mood For Love?

Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day? I sure wasn’t until I came across this little ditty in my daughter, Iris’s room that she wrote:

Valentine’s Day Song

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Watch out for Cupid. Cupid could get you.

You would think he is sweet but he shoots arrows at you.

Stay clear from Cupid. But watch out for his arrows.

You do not want to get shot because you will fall in love.

Iris's Song

And then my son Bency drew this picture the other day:

I love people in my class

I love people in my class

These sure got me thinking that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with that comes the Valentine exchange at school!

So this year I thought I would make their Valentines on the computer and send in the files to be printed as 4×6 pictures. They can write their messages on the back and have their own unique Valentine’s to hand out!

This project took me a 1/2 hour and I ordered 50 prints total which cost $7.00 with shipping.

And here are the finished results:

Iris's Valentine for school

Iris’s Valentine for school

Bency's Valentine for school

Bency’s Valentine for school

I just noticed now that I forgot the apostrophe in Valentine’s on Bency’s card and I already have them sent in! Wow, that’s so typical of me!! Good thing I’m not a perfectionist!

Have a great day and don’t get shot by an arrow!!


33 responses

  1. That’s a neat idea! One mom of a child in my son’s class last year took a picture of her holding her hand out, and then cut a slit in it and put a lollipop in it. The finished result looked like she was holding the lollipop! It was really cute! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, that is a great idea! I noticed that everyone gives candy with valentines now. That’s never how it used to be when I was a kid. We just got the card. I guess I should tape a piece of candy to each valentine so their schoolmates are not too disappointed!

  2. Sounds like a much better deal, $7.00 for 50 cards. By the time, you buy two packages of pre-made Sponge Bob or Disney Princess Valentine’s cards, it’s well over that amount. Great tip! Have a lovely weekend, Melissa! πŸ™‚

  3. So are you an Art Teacher? I am gob-smacked at the amount of things, arts and crafts you do for and with your kids. I spent time with them and of course did arty things but no where near the amount you do…take a bow Mel for being such a devoted loving mummy πŸ™‚ xxx

    • haha!!! No, I am not an art teacher, I just have a strong passion for creating art and admiring art. I really like anything that involves creativity. I’ve never been one for following rules and there’s no rules in art so it’s perfect for me! Thanks Jen!

  4. Good for you on getting a head start. I’m always leaving things at the last minute, and with Emma’s birthday being the day after Valentine’s, it gets pretty crazy. So I’m going to get on it this weekend!

  5. My L’s feelings about Valentine’s Day sound much like Iris’! Thanks for reminding me to get working on cards for his classmates. Sounds like a good project for his day off on Monday! I love your ideas, to personalize the cards with their pictures. Maybe I should take down the Christmas tree first. πŸ™‚

  6. I love your blog name – that’s why I clicked on it from Colleen Brown’s page.

    This is beautiful, really great stuff. You’d be the BEST mother πŸ™‚

  7. Motherhood is an art in your capable hands. $7.00 that is a bargain and a great idea. Your kids are the greatest (other than my Olivia, of course :)) I love their letters.

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