Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in My Eye

Today I am posting the most important information that I have ever shared! I guarantee it will change your life. I am so sure about this one that I “Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.”

It is for the greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

Now trust me when I say, that I have never met a Chocolate Chip Cookie I didn’t like. You just can’t go wrong when you mix brown sugar, butter and chocolate. Heck, I even burnt 2 batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies on my children’s first day back to school this year for their special treat and even those weren’t too bad.

However, I have been baking since I was a small child and have probably been making cookies for over 2 decades but all the Chocolate Chip cookies I have made always had some flaws. I’ve tried numerous different recipes. Some were too dry. Some were too moist. They were never good enough to give to anyone except my immediate family.

Here I am at age 7 with the first cake I ever made! I really thought I did a stroke with this one!!!

Here I am at age 7 with the first cake I ever made! I really thought I did a stroke with this one!!!

Admittedly, I am not a good baker. I make mistakes. I forget how many cups of flour I’ve put in. I don’t take the time to measure correctly. I throw everything in at the same time even when it says to beat separately. I probably should just stay out of the kitchen but nothing beats a cookie straight out of the oven. You just can’t buy that in a store!

In pursuit of having the perfect cookie I went on a crusade and did a lot of research this past year. I combined a couple of different recipes I found and I have finally reached my goal of making a Chocolate Chip cookie I felt confident in giving to people!

I believe the whole secret is mixing the baking soda in hot water. It must make some serious magic in these cookies and create a chewy center with a crisp outside. I also found that a lower oven temperature is key.

So go ahead and whip up some Chocolate Chip Cookies and spread some love. We gave last week’s batches to the crossing guards that the children use on their way to school and home. This week’s batches were given to my parents and to our mechanic!

The Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

The Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

The Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever


  • 1 C. butter softened
  • 1 C. sugar
  • 1 C. brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 3 C. flour
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 2 tsp. hot water
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 2 C. chocolate chips


  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • Cream together the butter, sugar and brown sugar until smooth.
  • Beat in the eggs one at a time
  • Stir in the vanilla
  • Dissolve baking soda in 2 tsp. hot water and add to batter along with salt
  • Stir in flour and chocolate chips
  • Drop by large spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet
  • Bake for about 10 minutes


50 responses

  1. I have a tried and true favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but I’ll give these a try. Can never have too many chocolate chip cookies. Great…now the ones in my freezer are calling me to dunk them in a big glass of ice cold milk. 😉

  2. I am sitting, sadly at work on my break, cookie-less. And now, very sad, that I am cookie-less. 😦

    And we aren’t allowed to bake here. Nor do we have ovens.

    BUT! I love the cake ! You DID pull it off fabulously!

  3. Thank you for the trick; baking soda in hot water, need to try this trick! you are so cute in your picture with your pink cake. I never used to bake like you when you were a kide and now that I’m older I’m love everything about it, the only problem is; I’ve gained a few pounds because of the cakes ha!ha! I will keep this recipe!

    • I know the baking and pounds go hand in hand! With this cold weather I’ve been cranking up the oven every weekend! I figure I at least give most of them to other people but it doesn’t help that I still have to sample so many to make sure they’re okay!!

      • ha!ha! I know what you mean, last Friday my hubby was off and we didn’t feel like going out because of the weather, so we baked cupcakes but from the cake mix because I wanted them fast and right away! ha!ha! (me too, I try to give most of them away to my mom and brothers but like you I have to sample, just to make sure they are good!) ha!ha! , remember I didn’t have a mixer, well for Christmas I got one as a gift so I’m baking more often now; I should go on those “detox” diets !!! ha!ha!

    • My husband brings home recipes and emails me them all of the time! Unfortunately for him he doesn’t fully understand my capabilities and gives me ones that are too hard and I always screw them up! Last one was at the beginning of this month for his birthday cake. He found a recipe for a Tiramisu Cake at NowatHomeMom and I totally ruined it! Someday he’ll learn!

  4. If anyone is going to get me to bake, it’s going to be you, Melissa! Would you believe I don’t even think I own baking soda! It’s partly because I enjoy chopping onions and garlic more. But, maybe for a SPECIAL treat I could try this recipe with my kids. They’d probably think I got bit by the sugar bug! 🙂

  5. They look and sound amazing. My mouth is now watering and every fat cell in my body is screaming with glee at the decision i have made to make these. Actually i think the fat cells decided to make these. They just persuaded my brain.

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