There’s History In Those Love Letters Part II

I wrote a previous post about my Grandparents and shared a love letter my Grandpa sent my Grandma. I have another one to share with you today.

My maternal grandparents started courting in 1936 when my Grandma was 17 and still in high school. My Grandpa was 23 and had a teaching job in a one room school house a few towns away from where my Grandma was living.

My Grandpa in his school room in 1937

My Grandpa in his school room in 1937

Even though this is when they started dating they knew each other since they were children because they grew up in neighboring farm houses. My Great Grandma never liked my Grandpa but I don’t know why.

My Grandpa’s Mom, Alice passed away on January 9th, 1936 leaving her husband, my Grandpa and a young daughter Bonnie to live at the farm on their own.

Even though I don’t know for sure, I would think all of these circumstances play a part in my Grandpa’s following letter to my Grandma. I mentioned in my last post that my Grandparents did not express their love outwardly but this letter truly proves that my Grandpa was a very sensitive, emotional man and loved my Grandma very much.

My Grandma Charlotte's Senior Picture

My Grandma Charlotte’s Senior Picture

March 17, 1936

Dearest Charlotte,

Well I hope you are not disappointed in finding this letter is from me instead of some other guy.

I got home o.k. last night, but I had to get up and get breakfast. Ruby and Art didn’t come back last night. Bonnie and Dad were back sick this morning. And I felt so darn blue I cried all the way to school.

It is noon now and have I felt mean this forenoon. I bet the kids think I am terrible. They have all gone out of the school house; because they are afraid of me I suppose. I wish you were down here; I would have you make out some tests for me. Not only that but I would just like to have you here. You seem to make my heart beat faster, and I feel as though it should.

I have got to take Dad to Readstown to-night. I think I will mail this then if I don’t forget it.

Gee I wish I could come up some night this week, but I am afraid I can’t. I have got to go to bed more and redeem myself for things I have been doing. I can just imagine what your mother thinks of me.

Well I know what I think of you any way. I think you are the sweetest darn kid I have ever been with, and I was never so darn crazy over anyone in my life. But the question is just what do you think of me. I have thought a lot about it and have come to no definite conclusion.

I shall be expecting a letter from you; if I get it I will be surprised and if I don’t I shall be disappointed.

Write Soon

With Love

Eddie Heal

Love Letter

Page 1 of Love Letter

Page 2 of Love Letter

Page 2 of Love Letter










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56 responses

    • We never found any letters my Grandma wrote. We didn’t even know about these until they both had passed away and we found these in my Grandma’s dresser drawer! It makes me wonder if she wrote him back and if she did what she wrote!

    • It really is quite an interesting story; I think mainly to me because it is my family but in general I love history and that era. I keep getting more of the story from my mom because there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know! I guess that is why it is important for us to write….everyone has a story and it’s interesting to someone no matter how mundane you might think it is!

    • Thanks Ingrid! Unfortunately, we never found any letters from my Grandma. My Grandpa passed away first and then when my Grandma passed away, we found these in her dresser drawer. I’m not sure if she ever wrote him or if she threw them away! I wish I could see her side of the story too!

  1. How very sweet. He sounds a bit lonely and grief-stricken. Poor man.

    I love that picture. My father-in-law had some old school pictures of himself from a schoolhouse from about that time – all the little boys in overalls. So cute!

    • The stories of the children who went to the school too were always so good as well…They were usually poor families who brought lard sandwiches and milk straight from the cow! My mom also attended a one room school house and she has lots of good stories about it!

    • You’ll have to use your imagination because like you I am in the dark too! Unfortunately we didn’t find these until they had both passed away! The funny thing about the kids though is that he was related to most of them…one was his sister, some were cousins etc! I wonder if that made it more difficult?!

  2. Aw! That is so sweet! I love that you have those letters. Little Poppits read my mind–that would make the coolest basis for a book. You could include the letters (with names and details changed) and write the story in between. Sort of like that Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society (whatever it’s called) book. But better.

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