You’re Not Fat; You’re Comfy

Last Thursday I received this Valentine card from my 5 year son:

Front of Valentine

Front of Valentine

Inside of Valentine

Inside of Valentine

It’s hard to read because he wrote with pencil on red construction paper so I will tell you what it says:

Der Mom and Dad

Yu are swet and comphe

I Lov Yue


Dear Mom and Dad

You are sweet and comfy

I Love You

There are 3 reasons why I adore this card so much:

1. Our 2 year old made it into the family picture on the front read here to see why that is a huge accomplishment

2. He spelled comfy as “comphe.” The other night when we were reading together, he pronounced the word phone as “pee-honey.” I explained that the “ph” makes the “f” sound. While I was explaining this, he was looking the other way and twirling a string hanging off of the blanket around his finger trying to make his finger turn purple. I clearly thought this lesson was lost on him… but apparently cutting off the circulation to his finger makes him a better listener.

3. When I questioned him about his use of the word comfy. He explained that it’s so nice to snuggle up next to me because I am so comfy. In other words, this is a nice way of saying “You’re overweight.” Instead of feeling bad for not having a toned stomach and thighs, I’m going to look at it in a whole new light. All that extra fat gives my kids a warm landing place to snuggle into!


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  1. I really like the family picture he made. It’s sort of abstract. And he included the baby in this one!

    My son recently asked me, “What did you look like when you were a kid? Were you fat?” It was like he was wondering if I’ve always been on the heavy side, or is this perhaps a recent develpment.

  2. I’m glad to see Cesar made it in there! Bency is the sweetest. He reminds me of Emma when she tells me not to get “skinny” because then there’ll be nothing for her to squeeze!

  3. Ha I just posted on Facebook yesterday about how my 5 year old, while coughing her flu cough in her face, declared “you have a Jello but that’s REALLY wiggly and fat!”. Moms get so abused and loved simutaneously!

  4. I love the use of PH in comfy. 🙂 Zoe has been sounding things out phonetically and writing by herself lately too and I think this phase is so cute! Once they start spelling everything right it seems like more pressure so it’s nice to see the kid versions. The other day Michael came up to me and told me that even though I can be annoying, I am still the best. I chose to take that as a compliment too! haha! We have some funny kids!

  5. Oh, in a week where I’ve lost my temper and my dear son actually brought it up as a matter to pray about tonight…I hope so much that my children think of me as “comphe”!!! Their honesty is brutal sometimes, but their forgiveness tends to be just as emphatic and whole! I love the card…I’m sure you’ll treasure it always! –Alison

    • Thanks Alison! I will definitely treasure it! And yes, if I want the straight truth I always head to my kids…though they don’t have very high standards…if I comb my hair and put on lipstick they tell me I look beautiful!!!

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