Bring It On, I Will Defeat You

I’ve never had to use my mind and creativity so much until I became a mother.

As a kid, the biggest creativity hurdles I had to overcome were ways to get my kittens to sit still so I could dress them up in my doll clothes.

As a teenager it was constantly trying to come up with new excuses for getting out of Advanced Biology.

As a career woman it was all about finding ways to perfect my selling skills so I could sell 30 cars a month at the dealership I worked for.

But nothing tops this Mom thing.

This past week my mind has been stretched and stretched and stretched. Admittedly, some of it is partly my fault but mainly it’s all due to the fact that there are kids in my life now.

My daughter is in Girl Scouts and with that comes a sash that you apply iron-on badges to. Simple right? No, not for me. I’m notorious for overlooking small details. In the beginning of the school year, when she received her sash and a few badges I simply laid that sash on the ironing board and began ironing on those little patches. Unbeknownst to me, the sash has a top and bottom to it. Of course, I had to go and make it so her sash is upside down. It doesn’t fit right this way, looks really weird and falls off her shoulder.

I’ve been putting off the task of rectifying this because I really wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it. This week, it finally hit me that if I applied the patches with an iron, maybe I could get the patches off by reapplying heat to them. This worked! So the patches were off but there were gluey patches left all over the sash. I googled this dilemma and it said to apply lighter fluid to the glue. The problem is, I don’t own lighter fluid and I’m sure it’s not cheap. At this point I should have just thrown in the towel and went and bought a new sash but that is just not my style.

I got the patches all off but it left a big gluey mess

I got the patches all off but it left a big gluey mess

Instead, I lost sleep over this particular conundrum. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I became obsessed with how I could once again fix another one of my mistakes! Then in a moment of clarity, it hit me! I could lay the sash facing down on a brown paper bag and iron out the glue! This worked fairly well and now we are back in business!

Now I can just use my fabric glue to reapply them all

Now I can just use my fabric glue to reapply them all

Now comes into play my second mind boggling dilemma of the week. While cleaning my stove last week I came upon a huge charred cylindrical object adhered to the stove top. I sprayed the bejesus out of that blob with my super strength cleaner. Amazingly, it didn’t touch it. After flicking at it with my fingernail I discovered it was a melted blue crayon that had obviously been put through the cooking process several times. How in the heavens did a crayon come to be resting on my stove top? I didn’t even bother questioning the kids as I’m quite positive the 2 year old is behind this heinous act. So after a week of trying to chisel it off with a knife and not getting anywhere, the simple solution of turning on the burners finally occurred to me. After a few minutes, the wax had melted enough that a quick swipe of a paper towel cleaned it all up lickety split!

So I sit here today with a clear head. All of our problems have been solved! Go ahead Motherhood… Bring It On! I am ready to defeat you and all the twist and turns you bring my way!

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  1. You are soooo much better than me.I would have called my mom and she would have made my kid a new sash and then I would have went to Sears and bought a new stove.Kuddoos to you my friend.

  2. Very clever solutions — especially the ironing one. My daughter has the same sash for her Brownie troop and when she started, I put on the badges willy-nilly. A year and a half into it, she’s running out of room. I’m hoping that she gets a new sash or vest next year when she bridges over; otherwise I may be looking for some brown bags to steam off the glue!

  3. I am going to have to remember the crayon trick because that has happened to me several times and it has never occurred to me to just re-melt it. How I miss the crayons melting in the first place is still a mystery…..

  4. Go, Melissa! Do you have a flat top stove? I do that with my burners sometimes, and then occasionally during the burning-off process I’ll pour a bit of water on top. Those flat-top stoves are a booger to clean.

    • I just have a regular gas stove so the crayon was under one of the grates! I’ve heard about those flat-tops and the troubles with cleaning them. Stoves in general are just hard to clean anyway! It’s one of my most detested chores!

  5. Yay! Melissa saves the day! Oh, but not without losing sleep over the slash thing, right? I would’ve caved and just bought another one because I’m not as crafty. My daughter only did Girl Scouts for one year and I must have read the instructions for ironing the badges dozens of times. Fortunately, I put them on correctly and saved my daughter from major embarrassment!

  6. What a good mommy! When I was a kid my mom always hot glued my badges onto my sash and she always got grief from the other mothers (the ones that paid someone to sew them on). My mom is still the queen of the hot glue gun!

    • Oh, thanks Kerry! Unfortunately I don’t think it would be a thriving business! It took me 4 months to finally deal with the sash issue and a week to come up with a solution to the stove! Maybe if I keep screwing things up though I’ll finally have an answer to every problem in the world!!! There’s a bright side to everything!!

  7. “I’ve never had to use my mind and creativity so much until I became a mother.” So true! I’ve definitely had the same thought a time or two! Halloween costumes especially are killing me. Good post!

  8. OH! don’t know how these badges work but if I would’ve failed at it the first time (most likely), I would’ve called my mom and have her fix it! ha!ha! seriously. Glad you were able to fix it! but I know what you mean; having kids makes you think and we have no choice to fix things for them or because of them. I used to not over think things before but now things have changed and mommy has to come up with solutions! 🙂

    • I called my Mom with this one too…. unfortunately the only solution she provided was to go buy me the lighter fluid! Normally she is the go to person in our family with all of this stuff! She is the queen of knowledge on all household solutions but even this one stumped her!

  9. Well done Melissa. You have made it through another week. My son drew a smiley face in biro on the car seat. He wasn’t thinking and when I pointed it out to him, he was very concerned about what Daddy would say. I covered it up the first time we went out in the car but of course my husband eventually saw it.He wasn’t happy but he was calm.
    I had thought about googling how to remove biro from the car seat but a few times I’ve jumped in the car and seen that happy little smiley face looking up at me and it’s made my day. It was quite inspiring especially as it’s rained very heavily for the last week and I went to see Les Miserables which really was quite sad so his little drawing despite being vandalism made me smile.

    • I had to “google” biro…I guess that is the equivalent of what we call an ink pen here! I say leave it too! It’s a smiley face so nothing wrong with that! Now if it said, “Mommy Stinks” I would be a little more quick on the draw to find a remedy for removing it!!!

  10. Yes! Good job! Motherhood certainly does encourage (ahem, demand) innovation! Here’s my latest household victory, not as sweet as yours: my kids and some friends were playing with blue Play-Doh on our very light-colored tile floor…some of the substance got pressed onto, and thus into, the white grout. I was so happy that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and some elbow grease rubbed the blue away! I usually give my kids a baking tray to do Play-Doh on, but I forgot that evening. I think it’s great for us as parents to share these victories and innovations. Like I said, yours were truly creative; mine was predictable but welcome! –Alison

    • No, that’s great Alison! I just discovered the greatness of Magic Eraser a few months ago! I’ve only used it on the walls and tub. I’m sure I never would have thought of using it on the floor! Sometimes it’s so hard to think outside the box especially when you have kids running around and a thousand other things that have to be done (cooking, laundry, etc.) Good job!

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