Good Families Don’t Fart…Or Do They?

I grew up in a family where laughter was a must. Much of our humor consisted of playing practical jokes, making fun of each others  imperfections and the always inappropriate game of “pull my finger.”

Unless someone was profusely bleeding or screaming in agony you always laughed at them if they fell down or ran into a wall.

Considering we are all klutzy, full of imperfections and gassy this made for a lot of laughing at our house.

As a mother now, I have tried to instill this warped sense of humor into my own children.

Take for instance when my oldest child, Iris, started Kindergarten. She was all ready to head off for her first day of school. I got down on my knees and looked her in the eye. My heart was breaking that she was heading off for the first time by herself. I knew if I would have said something heartfelt I would have started crying so instead I said, “Now honey, I have to tell you something very important. If you should accidentally fart during class; I want you to immediately start laughing and point to the boy closest to you.” We both giggled uncontrollably and I gave her a kiss and sent her on her way.

Obviously, I’m not the only one of the offspring to pass this twisted characteristic onto our brood. My brother’s kids are getting older now. They passed down their children’s books to my kids. When we were going through our new treasures we came across this gem:

Good Families Don't

Good Families Don’t is by the author Robert Munsch. It’s about a Canadian family who finds a fart in their home. They try to deny that it was caused by any of them because you know, “good families don’t fart.” In the end they found out the daughter was the culprit and the last line reads, “good children do have farts after all.”

My brother bought this book for his kids because he thought it was hilarious. His kids thought it was hilarious. Now my kids and I think it is hilarious!

Last year for St. Patrick’s Day I made homemade caramel corn and put green food coloring in the caramel mixture so the popcorn would be green. I told Iris she could bring it for a treat for her 1st grade class and tell them it was Leprechaun Poop. She started to laugh and said, “Moooommm, that isn’t appropriate to tell young children.”

This made me pause and wonder if she was actually MY child.

That one moment made me wonder but she is definitely mine. Anytime she or I get a little “gassy” she is quick on the draw to laugh and point to her Dad! I think I have taught her well. Laughing is a must in our family!

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    • My parent’s really liked the reverse psychology aspect when one of us kids fell too. Instead of running to comfort us, they would say, “Oh Look, you broke the concrete floor.” Of course, I use this with my kids as well!

  1. lol!!! I still laugh when I picture mom falling when she got out of the car and sliding underneath it, and I wasn’t even there!! I think she might have even gotten a little injured. What is wrong with our family??? Funny post, Melissa, it was good to start the day with some laughter : )

  2. As mother to a third grade boy, I’m highly offended by what you told Iris…just kidding. My son can immediately turn my innocent question about “who made a little stink?” into “she who smelled it, dealt it!”. It’s good to be able to laugh at such things! However, little A crossed the line a bit yesterday: I was bringing a few things to the table while everyone else was seated for lunch, including my inlaws. I heard her from the kitchen telling her grandparents about a particularly “toxic” diaper she had had the day before. Details came out that should’ve killed everyone’s appetite. Somehow we all finished our large lunch…I guess that humor crosses generations in our family, too.

  3. Melissa, I was raised in a completely opposite home. So even now, when my children ask me if I passed gas I politely say, “NO, moms don’t gas!” My husband, on the other hand, loves to play ‘pull my finger’ with the kids!

  4. I want that book! My 20 month old daughter laughs and yells “toot!” whenever she farts, even when I change her diaper in the middle of the night. I think parenting must be much harder without a good sense of humour. 🙂

  5. ha!ha! liked this post! 🙂 you are so funny! I didn’t know this book existed, looks funny 🙂 My son is getting older and laughs and gets very shy when he farts, I don’t think he understands “farts” yet! ha!ha!

  6. Wish that book was around when mine were youngens 🙂 I am nooooo prude but I very rarely say fart for some reason…oops look I just did, I honestly don’t know why, I say pooh-e-whoops… yes dumb I know. Don’t worry I am chastising myself as you read. 😦 xx

  7. HAHAHA this is hilarious! Any family that doesn’t share a little gas among each other has to be very creepy and weird. My niece, who will be 2 in May, likes to say “Ella, toot!” and then proceed to get down like a catcher and baseball and let one rip. Very classy. If her father doesn’t share that with her first, date, you can bet your ass Uncle Mike will.

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