Just Buy Them the Cotton Candy

I’ve never been to the circus. My Mom swears I was. She thinks I was about 1 years old when we went as a family. My brother told me he hasn’t been to the circus since he was 5 years old and my sister was 9. Since they are 8 and 12 years older than me that confirms the fact that I have never been there. There’s been a lot of things that I said I never did and my Mom assures me that I did do them because I was in her belly or I was a baby. Good try Mom!

So when I heard the circus was coming to town this past weekend my husband and I gathered up the kids and announced we were headed to the “Greatest Show on Earth.” I was equally as excited as the kids to see what all the hype was about that I have only ever read in story books.

Before we left, I gave the kids strict rules not to ask for anything because would not be purchasing any of the overpriced food at the circus, but not to fear because I had stocked my purse full of Raisinets, Goobers and applesauce packets. Besides, I had a little surprise up my sleeve.

When we arrived they had all kinds of things set up for the kids to do. I knew about this ahead of time and had heard there would be elephant rides. I excitedly told the kids that the surprise I had in store was that we were going to pay for them to ride the elephants! They looked at me like I had completely lost my mind. They had no interest in riding an elephant. What?? Who wouldn’t want to ride an elephant?


Seeing as my kids were party poopers and saved us $30 and I kept seeing them staring longingly at the cotton candy carts, I had my husband sneak over and buy them some of the fluffy pink and blue clouds of sugar. Now that was a surprise for them!


Iris eating her cotton candy

Iris eating her cotton candy

Bency eating his cotton candy

Bency eating his cotton candy


The circus was pretty great and it was nice to see the look of excitement on the kid’s faces.

When it was all over and done with I asked the kids what their favorite parts were.

Iris (7 years old): When they played the song “Who Let the Dogs Out.” I asked if she meant when all the dogs came out and performed their cute little tricks. No, she just really likes that song.

Bency (5 years old): Cotton Candy

Cesar (2 years old): Elephants. He may have said elephants but clearly watching him rock his chair and try to get himself collapsed in the fold up chair looked like that was his most enjoyment during the show.


My favorite part was when Cesar started puking later that night from clearly eating too much candy.

All in all it was a fun time. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back. I’ve experienced it now. My kids have experienced it. And if my 2 year old grows up and says he doesn’t remember ever going to the circus well…..I have pictures to prove it!

See Cesar...You were at the circus!!!

See Cesar…You were at the circus!!!

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    • Mine too – poor guy! I also liked that they weren’t interested in riding the elephant. Sometimes what parents think is cool is NOT what the kids think is cool. I expect to have this happen to me and my kids too!

  1. Ahhh, Cesar and I have that in common…

    Fab post misses! The first and only time I have ever gone to the circus was in St. Petersburg Russia. It was craaaaaaaazy. (Like most things in Russia I came to learn.) xx

  2. The fold up chairs would have been my little guys favorite part too (it’s always the part that you could have done for free that they love, isn’t it?). Ironically, he doesn’t like cotton candy because it makes him sticky and he freaks out. Our dentist thinks he is the greatest for that reason! haha!

    • We only bought cotton candy for Iris and Bency because we figured Cesar would be okay with Raisinets…..oh no…of course not! He pitched a fit and the kids had to share and I think he ate the majority of it! He didn’t have any problem being gross and sticky!

  3. We went to the circus a few times when I was younger, and my parenting had the same ‘don’t ask for anything’ talk with us. It’s all so junky and overpriced.
    We would sneak in candy too! I’ve always been a girly girl and started carrying a purse at age three so my parents would actually stuff candy in my mom’s purse and my purse! The more the merrier, right?

    • That is so hilarious! Besides the overpriced food, they also had guys running up and down the aisles selling light-up swords and wands which I’m sure cost 10 or 15 dollars. Every so often over the loud speaker the announcer would say “Make sure to buy your kids a light up toy. It’s a wonderful circus memento and EVERY kid should have one.” I wanted to strangle that announcer!!!

      • My fil took the family to a Disney on ice show and bought my nephews and niece each a spinning light thingy for 28 bucks a piece! And I’m sure they were broken the next week. But the ice skating characters kept finding themselves in situations where they ‘needed’ light to see, so kids without lights felt completely left out when those times came. I was happy for my fil’s sake that our son was too young for one, I would have felt bad accepting it but I know he wouldn’t have taken ‘no’ for an answer.

  4. cute, cute post! 🙂 they are adorable , love your comment for Cesar in the future (see you went to the Circus, ha!ha! 🙂 (btw; I LOVE cotton candy, your pictures made me crave some right now) 🙂

    • Thank you! I fear for poor Cesar! I have a feeling he’s going to get the shaft on all the fun experiences! We’re getting tired and there’s just so many times you can handle going to these kids events. At least I take lots of pictures so I have proof we did lots of fun stuff with him!

  5. I can totally relate to warning the kids before hand that we won’t be purchasing anything! all that stuff adds up! but it looks like you all had a great time 🙂

  6. What fun (well, minus the puking cotten candy part)!! I don’t know how much the cotten candy put you out, but it had to be less than the elephant rides even though it is unkidlike to not want to ride one.

  7. Good way to be prepared with the picture proof. I still remember getting cotton candy at a school fair when I was younger. It is memorable. I mean, sugar, like wrapped up spider web. Who wouldn’t love it???? 😉

  8. Favorite part was Ceasar puking?
    I never went as a kid either but eventually went with my nephews. I am sure it would have been better as a kid.
    I like your mom’s logic.
    Anyway, it sounds like it was a good time.

  9. I hate the circus. My family dragged me kicking and screaming (literally) to Madison Square Garden when I was a child on any number of horrifying occasions. Let me just say that the circus is not a place for a child who is petrified to the point of anxiety attacks of lions and tigers (surprisingly, I don’t seem to have any issues with bears)! And, further, if you insist on inflicting the circus on this child, don’t pay top dollar for the “good” seats. Ringside is overrated, if you ask me.

    You can tell Cesar he was at the circus, but I hope you have some better pictures because, really, he could be at The Ice Capades. There are no circus-y things in that photo, Melissa! LOL!

    • That truly is the beauty of this photo I think. If he ever asks if we took him to the Ice Capades I can show him this. If he asks if we took him to a concert I can show him this. It can work as a variety of venues. Plus, I thought I was being really nice not making him pose with the clowns!
      I can’t believe your parents dragged you to the circus against your will and got ringside seats on top of it. I had a similar experience with Disney World. I was 2 years old and I don’t remember anything about being there except for being deathly afraid of Chip and Dale. Everywhere I turned they were coming toward my stroller with those silly grins and I was certain they wanted to eat me!

      • A fear of chipmunks. Now, that’s funny. How do you feel about Alvin, Theodore, and the other one? LMAO!

        Yes. That truly is an all-purpose pic.

      • My parents were inherently evil. LOL. I swear to God, they would not do normal things, like order pizza, because we didn’t have the money for that kind of thing, but they would do things like spend their hard-earned money on instruments of torture — like ringside seats at the circus. Crazy people.

  10. I would’ve chosen the cotton candy over the elephant rides too! I’m terrified of heights, even more afraid of mammals that weigh a ton! Sadly, I don’t have any memories of going to the circus either. My kids have yet to go!

    • Well, apparently I could have got away with not taking my kids too. For Iris I could have just found that song on the internet and played it for her in the living room and I could have just bought Bency some cotton candy from the store and I think he would have been happy! Honestly though, I’m glad we went. I was pretty impressed with all of the acrobatic acts. The people in the circus are pretty talented!

  11. How fun.. took my God children all of them at the same time. My youngest wanted to ride the elephant, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, in fact they walk different and you bounce twice for each step. You dident miss anything, glad you guy had fun!!!

  12. My first and only time to the circus was when I was 15 years old, with my first boyfriend! My girls have never been yet. And I bet Emma’s favourite would have the dog song as well! Charlotte, the cotton candy!

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