Music to My Ears

I’ll never forget this moment 7 years ago. My daughter Iris, was 8 months old sitting on the floor playing blocks when Cyndi Lauper came on the morning show I was watching. Cyndi began performing the song True Colors off her new CD at the time called The Body Acoustic. Iris immediately stopped playing and rolled (she was a roller not a crawler) herself closer to the television. She sat fixated on Cyndi’s performance and then began wiggling her chubby little body and babbling along with the song. Being that I grew up as a huge Cyndi Lauper fan I went out the next day and purchased this CD. Iris and I listened to it all of the time.

I videotaped this when Iris was 4 years old:

It’s amazing what can happen in 3 years. Cyndi Lauper’s been dumped and is currently being replaced by songs like this. Oh well, at least Iris and I are having fun singing karaoke together even though she makes fun of me because I don’t know any of the songs!

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  1. While I am sad that Cyndi is no longer Iris’ favorite (she’s still one of my favorites), I love the transition to the newer music. My kids like that song too, especially when we visit my husband’s family in LA and they can actually see the Hollywood sign 🙂

  2. Melissa, I couldn’t listen to this yesterday because I don’t have speakers on my computer. But, I just listened to it on my phone now, and let me tell you that little Iris stole my heart. She sang with so much passion and conviction, especially when she belted out the “don’t be afraid” line. She’s a rock star!

  3. Oh man, that’s awesome! I really love that first one. I can’t believe that she had the patience to sit there and sing that song for 4 minutes! And I like Bency’s backing vocals and commentary.

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