Science 101

My 5 year old son, Bency, changes his mind about his future professional career as often as I change my shirt (that’s not always a daily occurrence).

Since I want to encourage his passions I try to find and do things that will keep him enthusiastic.

When he was 3 years old he wanted to be a pirate when he grew up so I bought him a pirate costume.

When he was 4 he wanted to be a paleontologist so we studied dinosaurs.

Right now he is fluctuating between an artist and a scientist. No problem with the art. I can handle the art. The science is a bit trickier for me. So instead of winging it, I bought Bency a science kit for Christmas.

Let me tell you; we have had so much fun doing science experiments the last few months. We completed the last of the science experiments this past weekend that came with the kit. Bency is normally very serious and it takes a lot to make him smile but as I went through my pictures from the last few months I found so many “smile” photos of him doing his experiments.

If anyone has any “kid-friendly” science experiments please let me know so I can keep this kid busy! (And as you can see from the photos…the messier the better!)


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    • These are really great! I know he would love the diet coke and mentos one…the bigger the explosion the better! Also, thanks for the link! I had tried looking for a good website but couldn’t find any! I can definitely handle these. Most of them called for Borax and lo and behold I actually bought Borax not too long ago!

    • Thank you Mtetar! I just checked it out and there is some great ones on there! There was one in particular where you heat up milk until it curdles and then add vinegar and it forms a rubber ball mass! I think we may have to try that!

      • You’re welcome, Melissa! My grandsons were Blessed with some great projects from discoverkids. Recently they worked on Digifruit where you use Citrus Fruit and other materials to make a clock, and another one was build your own Bug Buddy. They love the projects, and their activity map. They’re older than Bency (11 & 13). My granddaughter got a cardboard brick blocks. We haven’t assembled them yet. Another activity the boys love is Space Mission Globe Maze. Here’s another great site Be Blessed, Mtetar

  1. You’re a good mama, Melissa! And those kids are so dang photogenic. Bency is very smiley in those pictures!

    One I did when I used to work in a classroom was not so much of a beaker & test tube type of science, but it was a cool exercise in observation & recording. You fold up a paper towel and dampen it, place a sunflower seed on the paper towel, and slide the whole thing into a little zip-lock bag. Tape it to a sunny window. Make a little book where he can draw pictures as the seed starts to sprout, use graph paper so he can chart its growth, and include a page where he can jot down observations. This integrates science with art, math, and language arts.

    Also, my husband recently bought a few 2-liter bottles of Coke and a few packs of Spree. You open the bottle and set it down outside, dump a whole pack of Spree inside, and then jump back fast because the whole thing will shoot up like a volcano. I don’t know the precise scientifc lesson behind that one, but it sure is fun.

  2. That’s great! He looks like he really enjoyed those experiments! If you haven’t checked out Snap Circuits, it is a definite must. My kids love them. They learn to connect circuit boards by following simple instructions. The look on their face when they flip the switch and a light turns on or a fan starts to spin is priceless! You’ll have fun with it too! 😉

  3. It’s evident that Bency operates with both sides of his brain–the creative and logic part. I think it’s wonderful that you continue foster his interests. By the way, my son loves sitting on the table like Cesar does. He looks adorable watching big brother and sister in action!

    • It’s funny because this started out as just an activity that Bency and I did together while Cesar was napping….soon Iris wanted in because she saw how much fun we were having! For the last experiment Bency couldn’t wait to do it so we started before Cesar’s nap so yes of course Cesar had to be in on the action too!

  4. Ever cleaned dull and dirty pennies with vinegar and salt or baking soda? It’s amazing how sparkly they come out after about 5 minutes. A little bit of science with a splash of math thrown in (counting the pennies, checking the dates for oldest, newest and special years, going to the corner store for a treat afterwards) and you’ve got yourself a rainy day activity!

  5. My son loves science, too! I found a lot of kid friendly experiments online. 🙂 We have to embark on the 5th grade Science Fair this year. I am not a science person, so I will be looking online for ideas very soon!

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