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My 3rd favorite holiday is coming up! Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! I love this holiday because there is nothing to do for it except cook up a delicious corned beef and cabbage and have Reuben sandwiches the next day with the leftovers.

This is actually my 7 year old daughter’s favorite holiday! She thinks it’s all about her. You see, her name is Iris. When she was 5 years old, she found out that St. Patrick’s Day was an “Irish” holiday. She found that remarkably close to her own name. She does have a point.

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart

I think if Humphrey Bogart were to meet my daughter he would say, “Well, Hi there Irish! Here’s looking at you kid.”

Fire Marshall Bill

Fire Marshall Bill

Or if she stumbled upon Fire Marshall Bill he would say, “Let me tell you something, Irish.”

(I wish you could see me doing my impersonations of Humphrey and Fire Marshall Bill!)

So, since my daughter is such a fan of this holiday and I too have great enthusiasm for this day I dress her up every year and send her off wearing her “special” pin:

Kiss Me, I'm Iris

Kiss Me, I’m Iris

I don’t have a drop of Irish blood (actually I think I have a pinky full) in me but none the less we will be celebrating this fabulous holiday with as much festive spirit that we can muster because I sure do love corned beef and even more I really love “Irish!”

I hope your St. Patrick’s Day is full of gold, rainbows and leprechauns!

My son, Cesar's baby feet on St. Patrick's Day 2011

My son, Cesar’s baby feet on St. Patrick’s Day 2011

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  1. I love the connection Iris has made between her name and “Irish”! My dad’s side of the family does have Irish heritage, though I have to say we don’t do a whole lot here besides wear green (even my Asian husband)! However, my dad’s brother has organized a float in the New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day parade for over ten years now. Before L was born, V and I got to ride on the float once–tossing beads, cabbages, and small green trinkets. It’s a lot of fun! In fact, my parents are driving from FL to New Orleans tomorrow to get ready for this year’s parade. New Orleanians don’t need too much of an excuse to parade or party!

  2. LOL! Very cute “take” on St. Paddy’s Day. You know what I’ll be thinking (and probably saying) on Sunday? Luck of the Iris….

    I envy you your leftovers. No matter how much corned beef I make, we manage to eat it all!

    • Yeah…it’s kind of like that “Meowy Christmas!” For some reason that ran through my head the other day and I still get a chuckle from it!
      Oh, it’s tough in our house too! We did get a pretty good size one and thankfully the kids aren’t all that into yet but I still have to tell my husband to limit himself so we can have those Reubens!

  3. Happy St Pats to you also lovely. My son-in-law is Irish and he will spend most of the day drinking with this friends…it’s what they do. It is also my parents 62 year wedding anniversary so a special day xxx Loved the socks 🙂

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How wonderful Iris has her own special holiday!! I love the button! DOes Iris know that millions of those buttons are worn on St. Patrick’s day????

    Adorable. I totally understand the devotion to Irish!!!! 😉

    • Oh, I knew you were a Irish lover!!! I have let Iris remain delusional the past few years that the holiday was indeed about her. This is the year I think I break it to her though. She’s 7 after all! It’s time to fully explain the difference between Iris and Irish! I’ll have to show her some of your beautiful pictures of Ireland!

      • Oh I hope she loves the pictures. But I hope, in her heart, that she always retains a little belief that it’s HER holiday. 😉 OR that she develops an incredible love and passion for all things Irish. 🙂

  5. Love those socks! This week we re preparing for Paddy’s Day, as we fondly call it by encourage g kids to speak Irish in school and as baile (at home) and I think a bit of bacon and cabbage in order, with cabbage cooked in bacon water for absolute traditional box ticking. The parade is on in our local village. Won’t be doing too much drinking, those days are gone with two and five tear old… Corny shirts abound with my daughter wearing a Hello Kitty tee. She also has a green tutu for Sunday. And the badge, they have to have a badge. Thanks for reminding me of these wonderful traditional. Glad they are shared around the world! A wee Irish blogger.

    • Oh, this is so great!! I’m so glad you chimed in! I had no idea about the cabbage in bacon juice! I have to try that…it sounds so delicious! I normally just boil it and add butter! It certainly sounds like you are going to have a blast this weekend! It sounds like a real party!!!

  6. I am mostly of Irish descent so this is my favorite holiday. My favorite color is green (SHOCKING) and I not-so-secretly wish I could live in Ireland – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Glad to see others have fun with this day too!

  7. Love Iris’s pin! I get into St-Patty’s day because of the beer! Not the green beer though. I remember going to the loo after a day of drinking green beer and my pee coming out green! I was not impressed…

    • haha!!! I had no idea that it turned your pee green too! That is hilarious! I went out for the first time ever on St. Patrick’s Day last year! I was all excited to try green beer for the first time but the bar I went to didn’t have it…they said a lot of people didn’t order it so they quit doing it because they always had “green” beer for week afterwards!

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day a little early! I think St. Patty’s should be like Mardi Gras — a month-long celebration, at least! We celebrate as long the Shamrock Shakes are around….

    I’m making Irish Soda Bread and my husband is making the corned beef hash this weekend. We’re each half-Irish, so it’s a good excuse to pull out the Irish music and get a little rowdy with the kids and the jigs. Enjoy!

    • That’s funny you mention the Shamrock shakes…after my husband read my post he said I should have told people why I really love St. Patrick’s Day….I have to have my Shamrock Shakes! Unfortunately, I’ve only made it there for one but luckily my husband made me a milkshake last night and put crushed up Girl Scout Thin Mints in it!!! Yum!!! Oh and the Irish jigs are the best!!

      • It’s all about those shakes, right? My husband and kids love them beyond reason. My oldest son M will always try to get one using subliminal messages when we are driving in the car. “Golden Arches…. Shhhhhhaaaaaammmmmrock!”

        Because E is in Girl Scouts, we are swimming in Thin Mints. Totally a first-world problem I can handle!

  9. St Patrick’s Day is for all, we don’t mind sharing! The bigger the party the better it is – (old Irish proverb if you ask my Mum!) Have a great day!

  10. Iris has every right to think this holiday is about HER! Just look at her wearing the adorable button–too cute! By the way, my mother-in-law is Irish, so St. Patty’s Day is a big holiday in our family as well. I can’t wait to gobble up all that corn beef! 🙂

    • Oh I know Anka! Corned beef is akin to bacon! I thought of you when someone said they add bacon juice to the cooked cabbage! I have my corned beef, cabbage and bacon all ready to go for Sunday! Also, I completely forgot to tell you….I tried making the bacon in the oven a few weeks ago and it worked wonderfully! No more having all the grease spray up at me and all over the stove top! Thanks for the great tip!

  11. Ohhh, I would tell your daughter they actually spelled it wrong and it is an Iris holiday lol. She looks sooo cute in her pigtails by the way *smiles*

    But ….just say no to leprechauns. They are EVIL! Ack!

    • Thank you so much! I will definitely tell Iris that!!

      What??? Oh my goodness! You mean I’ve had it all wrong all these years? I thought Leprechauns were good things! Boy, do I feel embarrassed now!! haha!

      • lol….no need for embarresment … they fool people with their cuteness…or littlenes I guess….but noooo….they are tricksters and can even be mean spirited!

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