Matchbox Car Art

I have wanted to do a project utilizing me and my brother’s old Matchbox cars from the 1960’s and 70’s for a few years now. As a kid, I spent hours playing with these. I kept trying to think of a way to display them properly. I always have a few hundred projects going through my head at all times. Time and how I will go about executing things is always a major factor in how soon I get them done though. I thought I might have a few extra minutes today and I finally figured out how I was going to do this so I set to work.

First I started with a plain wooden board that I got at the ReStore shop. It’s a place that sells used building materials so you can pick up stuff here for pretty cheap.


Next, I painted the board black and created a square template using masking tape. As you can see, painting is a family affair around here!


I painted around the edges of the masking tape so the board would have a simple design on it.


After letting the paint dry, I glued my Matchbox cars on. I applied Gorilla glue on the wheels and placed the cars where I wanted them on the board. The cars are firmly attached and I can now hang this on the wall! Of course the kids think I am completely nuts for gluing cars to a board. They really think I should have just gave the cars to them to play with. I know better though, these would have ended up with the 48 other Matchbox cars under the stove right now!

Matchbox Car Art

Matchbox Car Art

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      • Michael was like that too. He outgrew them so we passed most of them on to a friend of ours but I kept about 15 of them and now Troy is starting to love them so I’m sure the Easter Bunny will be bringing him some new ones of his own 🙂

    • Way to burst my bubble Stephanie!!! When I thought of doing something with these cars a few years ago there wasn’t Pinterest around. So when it finally hit me the other day of what to do I really thought I had a unique idea on my hands! After I read your comment I went on Pinterest and found people doing stuff with Matchbox cars all over the place! I could have really saved myself a lot of thinking if I would have thought about checking it out sooner! I didn’t find the letter one but that is a really good idea!

  1. Very nice Melissa, and maybe next time a Maze Mat for those under the stove. Your Wall hanging is a very creative idea. Thanks for sharing another ideas for Matchbox Cars Collection. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Hmmm…this makes me wonder what happened to my match box cars as a kid, including the puke green one I got on my 16th birthday when I asked for a car. 🙂 They were the best, and they were mostly hand-me-downs; goodness knows how old they really are.

  3. I like the wall hanging, but your grid made me think of the game “Rush Hour” where you have to move cars around a crowded matrix of “streets” to “win.” Maybe another grid for playing? 🙂

  4. I agree with jeandayfriday! You need to publish an arts & craft book! This talent must be shared, Melissa. I think it’s a great way to preserve old memories. 🙂

      • I beg to differ! There are NOT millions of people more talented than you. You are a complete package! Your giftings go way beyond arts and crafts! You’re a wonderful mother, wife, and writer!

  5. Ohhh, I like the painting of the board and the green in there.

    (admits, if I were your one of your little one’s I’d be tempted to use it as a race track for my other cars lol.)

    • Thank you! I still haven’t got it hung up yet…(trying to figure out where I put all of my nails) so it is just laying on the table. The kids keep eying it up so I’m sure it is only a matter of time before they start using it for a track….I really need to find those nails!

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