Problems With the Easter Bunny

This weekend we made our yearly visit to the Easter Bunny.

Last year while we were waiting in line at our local grocery store to see the furry fellow, a much older, sophisticated child behind us stated, “I know that is just someone dressed up in a costume.” My then 6 year old daughter, Iris, looked up at me with inquisitive, huge eyes while the Mom of the whistle-blower shushed her child and mouthed, “Sorry” to me.

After the visit, the questions began pouring in from Iris as to whether what the other child said had any truth to it. I hemmed and hawed over this particular matter. I really want my kids to believe in all things wonderful, whimsical and magic. However, I thought this circumstance needed a different approach.

I told Iris, “Well, it is true. That really was someone dressed up in a costume. However, there is indeed an Easter Bunny. But unlike Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is uncivilized. He lacks in social graces and proper manners. He is an animal after all. If they were to have the “real” Easter Bunny at the grocery store he would be hopping all over the place, peeing and pooping on the floor. He would also be making a mess of the carrot display and eating all of the carrots.” Iris found this a perfectly acceptable explanation.

I had actually forgot about this conversation until my 5 year old son, Bency, said, “I know the Easter Bunny is just someone dressed up in a costume” as we were about to leave yesterday to go visit him. I stood there looking at him and finally said, “And why do you think that?” Iris quickly piped in admitting she had told him and reminded me of our conversation from last year. So, I went through the explanation again for Bency and made both kids promise they wouldn’t tell other kids about their revelation.

So, off we went for our visit with the Easter Bunny. We’ve been going to our local grocery store for the past couple of years. Not only do they have the “costumed fellow” but they have different stations set up throughout the store handing out various treats of candy, bags of carrots, Homemade Rice Krispie bars, Doritos, string cheese, chocolate milk, and a cookie decorating station. The kids love it and I can do a little grocery shopping along the way.

My 2 year old son, Cesar, was particularly enamored with the Easter Bunny this year and didn’t want to leave his side after the photo op. We had to coax him away with the promise of cookies.

As we were traveling through the store, I told my husband to wait a minute as I needed to make a quick dash for a bag of onions. After I retrieved my onions I came back to my waiting family, I noticed Cesar was no longer among them. I asked where Cesar was and my husband looked puzzled and said he thought Cesar had gone with me. He didn’t.

We began searching frantically for our 2 year old and screaming his name. After looking in all nearby areas and having no luck, we branched out our search. My husband went back to the Easter Bunny and lo and behold there was Cesar. He had managed to find his way back and was standing next to the gray rabbit, looking up adoringly. I have a feeling; Cesar is now in quite a few other families’ Easter Bunny photos.

I may have two children now that know that there was a person underneath the layers of fur but I still have one little boy that could only see the magic of the Easter Bunny.

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2006

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2006

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2007

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2007

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2008

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2008-Bency wouldn’t go by the Easter Bunny!

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2009-Bency still didn't want anything to do with the Easter Bunny

Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2009-Bency still didn’t want anything to do with the Easter Bunny

Bency finally went by the Easter Bunny in you can see he still was a little leery!

Bency finally went by the Easter Bunny in you can see he still was a little leery!

Iris with the Easter Bunny 2010

Iris with the Easter Bunny 2010

Cesar's first visit with the Easter Bunny in 2011

Cesar’s first visit with the Easter Bunny in 2011

Bency and Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2011

Bency and Iris with the Easter Bunny in 2011

The kids with the Easter Bunny 2012

The kids with the Easter Bunny 2012

The kids with the Easter Bunny this year!

The kids with the Easter Bunny this year!










45 responses

  1. How on earth do you come up with these explanations? I would have just said Yup it’s someone dressed up…not to shatter the illusions but my brain would not be that quick! We don’t have East Bunnies over here, so this is new to me. Lovely post Mel. xx

    • I have no idea how I come up with this stuff…it just pops into my head…I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing!! What??? No Easter Bunny either?? I didn’t know that! I know you said that Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween like we do but I had no idea there was no Easter Bunny!

  2. Haha… Good story about the Easter
    bunny. I would have said that he was too tired to be running all over the country so he had someone to help him… I’m not that imaginative.

  3. “Cesar, The Mad Photo Bomber”… I LOVE it!

    Love the explanation of why the actual Easter Bunny does not make an appearance at the grocery store — ill-mannered. LOL!

    • That’s really true Jane. It’s amazing how I’ve noticed my younger boys are so much more “educated” on life than when my daughter was their age but on the flip side my youngest is definitely keeping the art of innocence alive in the house!

    • Thank you! I think I will definitely be sad when the kids get too big to visit the Easter Bunny and Santa. I’ll probably be some crazy lady begging other moms if I can borrow their children so I have someone to bring to these somewhat chaotic events!

  4. I wouldn’t been able to come up with an excuse/story about the bunny like this one! you are a great mommy Melissa! 🙂 now, you just have to remember to tell the same version when Cesar will be all grown up! 🙂 (they all look adorable in those pictures) 🙂

    • I think the “making up excuses on the fly” comes with time. You’re still fairly new at this motherhood thing. You’ll be surprised the amount of things you will have to come up with in the future! But remembering is a whole other story. I’m sure I will forget much like I did this year until Iris reminded me. Hopefully I can rely on her to remember when Cesar’s time comes to start questioning!

  5. We have had to have that discussion here too 😦 All of mine still believe in him but I keep holding my breath, hoping that some little turd at school doesn’t ruin it for them too soon (because once one goes, then the others follow quickly). Zoe was always petrified of anything in a costume, including Santa, so last year was the first year she actual sat of her own accord, without screaming her head off or insisting on being a mile away, and talked to Santa! We’re supposed to go tomorrow to see the Easter Bunny and supposedly she’s finally ready for that too! haha! Btw, if you haven’t seen it, my kids love the movie Rise of the Guardians which helps explain some of the “mystique” surrounding having the faith to believe that all of the things like the easter bunny, santa, tooth fairy, etc. are real.

    • It’s pretty interesting that Zoe was the one that was afraid of the Easter Bunny and Santa too. Iris was/is our shy child but she never had a problem with sitting on their laps and talking to them. Bency has never been shy plus you would think with Zoe and Bency seeing their older siblings get up there, they would have less fear. That’s so weird! Also, we haven’t seen the movie Rise of the Guardians…I will certainly track it down! Thanks!

      • Unless it was a princess, she SCREAMED her head off. It was ridiculous. So glad she finally outgrew that! Michael is a talker so he never had a problem sitting down and chatting, it was dragging him off of the lap that took time. 🙂 Troy’s a runner so he’s not scared, but he doesn’t want to take the time to stop moving long enough to take a picture. That’s super fun when there are tons of people and you’re the only adult trying to corral your crazy kids! haha!

    • Thanks Colleen! Well, in past years our grocery store has put all of the photos up on their website so as soon as they get them put up I’ll be going through them to see if Cesar made any guest appearances in other people’s photos. Crazily enough, this actually happened this past summer too at the library. They brought in characters for story hour and Cesar wrapped his arms around one of them and wouldn’t stop hugging. I couldn’t get up to him because there was so many kids. So unfortunately about 20 families have Cesar in their photos as well!

  6. Sweet pictures! And I’m so glad Cesar found his way back to a safe place until the rest of you caught up to him! L has never asked for a pic with the bunny; he used to go sit with Santa for pictures and great conversations…I’m happy little A finally goes off to play with her grandparents while I’m in another room; I’d be greedy to hope for her to take a picture with a complete (costumed) stranger!

  7. Funny note about Caesar being in all those pictures. Thank G-d, you found him and he is okay. I hope it wont be hard to tell him one day the Easter bunny is not real. Till then, maybe he could serve as the babysitter.

  8. So the Easter Bunny visits your grocery store? That’s fantastic! I have probably missed it, but I don’t think he stops by ours — must be a pretty great store you have there.

    I think all of my kids have been a little leery of people in costumes. Love that Cesar is so fascinated by them!

    • Yes, definitely a great locally owned grocery store (they even offer free child care while you grocery shop)! Also, I remember distinctly being afraid of costumed characters when I was a kid so I can certainly understand it. I think half of kids are afraid of them, half tolerate them and a very small percentage really like them!

  9. Love the pictures through the years and your great explanation to Iris and Bency! My daughter is afraid of Santa and Easter Bunny, so we’ve steered clear for now. Maybe when she’s 4?

  10. What precious photos… I feel the same way you do about keeping things magical for my girls. The girls are worried that our 2 kittens are going to find the chocolates that the Easter Bunny will be hiding for their Easter Egg Hunt and play with them, scattering them everywhere to be lost forever!!! Now I’m stuck having to be very careful and thoughtful about where those chocolates will be hidden.

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