Mothers and Fathers

Hi everyone!

Today you can visit me over at MeMyselfandKids where I did a guest blog!

There I am breaking down the key differences between being a Mom and Dad in our house!

Take a minute to go over here and check out Mothers and Fathers!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


19 responses

  1. Melissa, thanks for sharing this post. Motherhood is an art, and children learn through play. The lessons they learn during play sticks with them even when the adults don’t think so. Be Blessed, and Have A Blessed Raster Weekend! Mtetar

    • Courtney, for some reason I think this is true about a bean sprouting inside your nose! I asked my husband who told us that story so I could write about where I got my source for this explanation and he couldn’t remember anyone ever telling us this….maybe I saw it on one of those medical shows….I couldn’t have possibly just made this up could I have???? haha!! Anyway, I was trying to strike some fear in Bency when I used it but I could see where it could have the potential of doing the opposite!!! haha!!

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